Single-Use Credit Card Numbers Help Prevent Identification Theft

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Almost everyone understands the key benefits of a single-use camera any time on vacation- you have a photographic camera that lets you capture the reminiscences. Still, you aren’t stressed about ruining or losing the camera typically on adventurous travels. A single-use credit card is built to help prevent identity theft, and they are generally referred to as “virtual MasterCard numbers”. Steps to buy virtual credit cards.

Virtual credit card quantities are used when shopping online so that you never actually enter the range found on your credit card. How exactly does this help? The electronic number can only be used with the website where you make a purchase and support for a limited amount of time. This protects you if cyber-terrorists have obtained your credit card information during the submission process.

They will not be able to use which number anywhere else to make a selection. It also protects you whenever shopping with online merchants who may not be trustworthy. The only merchant’s credit card processing system usually sends the details directly from your screen to the credit card processor- but in some cases, an untrustworthy merchant may have set it up to allow themselves to get a copy of every person’s credit card details. The virtual card number can make it impossible for the retailer to consider the number and go shopping somewhere else.

When virtual charge card numbers are used in place of the actual physical credit card number, the actual credit card statement will show the actual purchases made with virtual figures in the same manner. Some card issuers may even provide you with the virtual number utilized when making the purchase combined with the charge- for your information.

The benefit of Using Virtual Card Figures

Many people decide not to buy things online because they are afraid that their credit card numbers will be stolen, and they will become sufferers of identity theft. About 7% of online customers claimed to be victims involving identity theft, according to a survey conducted in October 2002.

Almost all credit card banks provide a zero liability insurance policy for unauthorized charges for online purchases; consumers are nonetheless concerned about shopping online because of the chance ongoing identity theft conditions can occur. For example, it is often tough to repair some credit reports and credit scores soon after becoming the victim of an identity theft crime.

Cons of Using Virtual Credit Numbers

Even with all of the strengths of using virtual credit numbers when shopping online, electronic credit card numbers do have some disadvantages over using your actual credit card number to make web purchases.

It may be impossible to work with virtual card numbers at any time, reserving theatre or airfare online or arranging your car rental or lodge accommodations. When you arrive on your tickets or reservations, these establishments generally require you to choose the credit card used to purchase. If you’ve used an electronic credit card number, handing all of them the credit card isn’t likely to confirm you are the actual cardholder since the physical quantity doesn’t match the digital number used to make the bookings.

It’s also impossible to use a digital card number when shopping for repeating subscription programs. The digital card number will end by the time the next payment is due, and your payment will not disappear.

Precautions Against Identity Burglary & Fraud

While the virtual credit card number may eliminate many concerns concerning online shopping, it’s always good to take precautions regularly against identity theft and fraud.

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