Side Wraps – Protect Both hands

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Whether you are a professional boxer, or a good amateur looking to take on the entire world you are going to need a good top-quality pair of hand wraps. They are going to help to protect your hands as you train.

Inside your hand, there are lots of very small bones and a huge network of oxygen-wealthy veins, tendons and structures. They are going to need some safety once you start hitting the handbag during your training. The constant misuse can really damage your hands without having the proper protection. Hand gloves offer you the protection that you might want and so much more.

A quality pair of hand wraps will also support your own knuckles and wrist. With no proper support, you can really harm yourself. Wraps will help show you the ropes to keep your hands in the correct positions. 9 out of ten amateur fighting injuries are the result of punching or hitting a good opponent incorrectly. Keep your fingers in the proper positions and you may not only protect them but you will even avoid a trip or two towards the emergency room.

Here are a few things to search for when choosing yours.

Thumb Slot machines or loops – Can make self-wrapping simple and easy.
Velcro closures – You must have a secure tight fit. Who would like to keep adjusting while you are exercising?
They come in a variety of colours too. You can find wraps that are dark, white, blue, red, red and even purple!
You only have one set of hands and they are your own only weapons in the engagement ring, make sure you protect them well and have a pair of hand wraps.

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