Ship Maintenance and Documentation Hints


When purchasing your motorboat supplies and your marine solutions to enjoy your boat, you rarely think about how you will indeed manage your motorboat. Even if your boat is just a modest aluminum fishing boat with a 25hp outboard motor, it is essential to trail the last tune-up to document your vessel if something happens to the item. What is the perfect way to find the trolling motor?

The importance is magnified exponentially if you are getting ready for an underwater race or a pink water cruise. Just determine a few of these simple questions. (More importantly, if you “depart” from a vessel unexpectedly and your folks or wife are still left aboard, will they be experts in the answers to these questions?

  • What number of water tanks do I get?
  • How many fuel tanks does a person have? How big are they, along with where each person is located?
  • When was the very last time my MOM or Liferaft was inspected? When would it need to be inspected?
  • Where is usually my manual to the GPS UNIT or Chartplotter?

Boat repair is not the fun part of running a boat, but without the idea, you are sure not to have any fun. Having a Boat Service Journal that acts as a comprehensive corporation system for your boat is among the best tips I can recommend to any boat owner. Fishing boat Service Log by Maritime Boat Solutions is the most modern and genuinely well-thought-out products, maintenance, and scheduling program I have ever used.

Not only does it track renewal, expiration dates, safety gear, preventive maintenance items, and other alerts and reminders, but you may also capture and inventory almost all electronic, electromechanical, and mechanized equipment on your boat.

More importantly, store a comprehensive description of the boat and its registration info. Enter and attach photos and pdf manuals to an item on your boat. Then, shop and retrieve your merchant information.

This is truly the easiest method to manage and document your boat. Whether you are just a pleased boat owner or arranging an ocean race, blue drinking water cruise, or fishing journey, this will help ensure you understand YOUR boat. (Make sure that your wife or crew understands your boat in your absence).

With Boat Service Record, you can:

  • TRACK licensing, signups, models, serial numbers, & servicing schedules of all vital techniques.
  • ARCHIVE equipment manuals, drawings, and pictures for quick research. Create automated boat to-do lists.
  • CREATE vendor/contractor data source by specialty and location.
  • INCLUDE VALUE by tracking servicing and upgrades.
  • SAVE money by on-time preventive treatment.
  • DOCUMENT All Equipment intended for insurance, travel, and probable sales purposes. Log replacement components, numbers, and location.

If you’re similar to me, you have a quality backup of your boat’s original evaluation report that gives you detailed information on the many boating supplies and maritime products systems and such on your boat. The trouble is that it is fixed. And it is usually not well structured, with the ability to add additional files or updated inspection data.

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