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Before going anywhere under the sun, make sure your eyes are protected from the sun’s rays. Shady Rays Goggles Review a sunglasses brand Shady Rays. A decent pair of sunglasses should have three main characteristics: excellent UV protection to keep your eyes protected, a sturdy build to withstand everything you throw at them (or at them), and a fashionable style that makes you want to wear them out.

It is when Shady Rays enter the picture. We put this famous sunglasses brand to the test and share our Shady Rays reviews below.

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Shady Rays Goggles Review “The Sunglasses Brand”

Shady Rays is a sunglass company dedicated to creating sunglasses that people will wear. They discovered that certain sunglasses could not withstand all of the outdoor activities people engage in or are so pricey that people are unwilling to risk wearing them.

They provide high-quality polarised sunglasses with a stylish design and a Live Hard Warranty that will replace your sunglasses if they are ever lost or destroyed.

The Sunglasses


shady rays goggles review

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You’d assume that a brand like Shady Rays, which focuses on sunglasses for any outdoor activity, would be both pricey and only provide athletic shades, but you’d be mistaken. Shady Rays offers a variety of sunglasses for various lifestyles, as seen by their product range.

  • Go for their Classics if you want something informal to wear on your bike trips.
  • Try their Oakmonts if you’re looking for something fresh to wear on your runs.
  • Try their Allures for a well-rounded and elegant option for those early morning excursions.

Shady Rays Services

Shady Rays Goggles Review their warranty

Shady Ray’s Live Hard Warranty ensures that consumers are not afraid to use their items. If yours is lost or broken, this warranty specifies that you will be given a replacement pair. The details vary with every product, but the technique appears to be consistent.

If you go to their warranty page, you can request a replacement when a staff member verifies your initial purchase. The pair is free, but there is an $8.99 processing cost for US replacements and $17.99 for foreign replacements, and this process can be repeated twice for each pair. Only orders placed through Shady Rays’ official website, Amazon listings, and other recognized merchants are covered by this warranty (not resellers). The warranty varies depending on the product. Prescription eyewear is not covered by loss coverage; however damaged frames are covered.

Return and Exchange Policy

We all know Shady Rays will replace your sunglasses if they are destroyed or lost, but what if you don’t like them? What do you do when things like these happen? Shady Rays, like their warranties, makes things easy on your end. If you don’t like your glasses within 30 days, they provide free returns on most things; the only exceptions being prescription lenses or spectacles.

For returns to the United States, you will receive a full refund as well as free postage. International returns are the same. However international shipping expenses from the original purchase, such as customs/duties/taxes/fees, will not be refunded.

Customer Review

shady rays goggles review

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Our Shady Rays reviews are now complete! This company is worth looking into if you’re searching for a decent pair of quality sunglasses. They provide a decent selection of styles at reasonable costs, as well as an excellent return policy and guarantees in case they break.

In the best case, you obtain a new pair of sunglasses that will serve you well for a long time. At the worst, you may just return them for a refund or locate a new pair that suits you better. We think it’s a win-win situation, so give it a try!

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