Setting Up a Pizza Shop: Everything you Need to Know

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Setting up a pizza business is not an easy task. It is challenging to set up the shop in such a way as to attract customers and deliver high-quality pizzas. A pizza shop requires a range of equipment, from a dough maker to a pizza oven. A top pizza chef or anyone who plans to start a pizza business can depend on online stores to buy the equipment. One can find a range of pizza equipment like dough rollers, pizza paddles and commercial pizza ovens for sale online. Setting up the commercial pizza equipment alone does not make a good pizza business. Certain other elements also contribute to making the business profitable. This article looks at a few important things one should know before starting a pizza business. Check it out for more details.

Pizza Equipment and Supplies

 Are you planning to start a pizza store? The first and the most important thing to get while opening a pizza store is the right equipment. It is important to choose the best equipment based on the carefully drawn business plan. There are online and offline stores where one can get pizza equipment according to their needs. The equipment listed below is essential to carry out various operations in a pizza store.


  1. Dough Former
  2. Dough Roller
  3. Dough Mixer
  4. Ham Slicer
  5. Pizza Paddles and Peels
  6. Pizza Accessories
  7. Pizza Ovens
  8. Preparation Benches
  9. Pizza Shop Fit Out
  10. Chip Scuttles
  11. Electric and Counter-top Fryers
  12. Display freezers
  13. Display Refrigerator
  14. Vegetable Preparation
  15. Refrigerated Counter
  16. Knife Sets
  17. Stick Blenders
  18. Icecream Machines


This list has almost all the tools and equipment, but the list is not exhaustive. The store might require more equipment based on specific requirements. Carefully choose the brand and kind of machinery that the store needs. For that, one has to look into certain things. Read the following to know more.


Having a budget worked out will make it easier to place the requirements. An oven is one of the important pieces of equipment to consider. One can find various budget-friendly commercial pizza ovens for sale. Commercial convection ovens are the cheapest and hence a great option if the budget is super-tight. One can go for a deck or a conveyor oven within a little more relaxed budget. Brick ovens are the most expensive but are significant in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Pizza Production and Machine Purchase

Focus on the quantity you want to start with and select the right size. The size will significantly influence the power, brand and other aspects of the machinery to be purchased. Anyway, it is not advisable to buy high output machinery on the first go if there is no expansion plan within the year. If you do otherwise, it will only make the return on the investment slower. Also, by the time you begin to explore the capability of the machinery, its value will depreciate.

Floor and Area of the Store

In a similar manner as the quantity of production, evaluate the floor space of the pizza store. The amount of floor space will decide the machinery that one can choose for their store. Especially when it comes to pizza ovens, one should have to purchase an oven proportional to the size of the store. For instance, a convection oven would be the best choice for not-so-spacious pizza stores. It can save floor space for other equipment. For a slightly larger store, one can go for deck ovens. If there is a generously available floor area, one can easily switch to a conveyor oven.

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