Sensible Tips for Digital Nomads, Travellers, And Everybody Else

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Practical techniques for Digital Nomads, travelers, and then for everybody else! A collection of (sometimes hard-earned) learnings from travelling generally in Asia. Check out the Christian Martin WFA review here.

Lean Overall economy

is a common challenge for Electronic digital Nomads. The lifestyle itself demands traveling, rented accommodations, cafe meals, etc; while standard business behavior must be taken care of with mobile electronic products, internet subscriptions, rented workplace, printouts, copy & send services, mailing, SIM control cards, data backups, customer care, business accounting and auditing, business administration, tax statements; keeping company records, contracts and also agreements; etc …

Digital Nomad life is often carried out inside low-cost countries so as well as lodging may not be an issue. Regional travel is mostly cheap, even so, international traveling and the important electronics, not to mention possible dedication back home, still, carry precisely the same huge price tags. Furthermore, far-off services and work completed by a Digital Nomad tend to be a lot less paid for than if a person would do the same work on-site back home.

However, quoting Instruct Robbins: “The defining aspect for success is never resources; is actually resourcefulness”

Cheap travel

You can find dozens of websites for cheap routes and I have found that rates differ very little. Note that several budget airlines only offer tickets on their websites. The main element to cheap flights for that resourceful Digital Nomad will be FLEXIBILITY when it comes to schedule. Steering clear of the big traveling holidays is a no-brainer – though the actual BIG traveling holidays might be a challenge in its own proper when you are in an unfamiliar region.

Try changing your departure time a few days back or on and you may find the same (or a similar) flight significantly cheaper. If possible, try diverse airports for departure or perhaps arrival; it may be much cheaper: and a fun adventure experience: to e. g. take the flight to a smaller town and also take a local bus or train to your final destination.

On the other hand… be sure to look at the end-to-end cost. Cheap air travel that forces you to purchase an extra hotel night nearby the airport (which may be high priced also in low-cost countries) may turn out a more intense alternative than paying and taking note for a more conveniently appointed flight. Also, assess the exposure to possible delays and your sensitivity in direction of such! An important delivery, as well as a complicated journey with many feet and tight or unsecured connections, may not be a good collaboration. A fun adventure perhaps, however with a possible additional cost of a new missed delivery and the upset (ex-) client.

To get hotel bookings I always work with Expedia. com, they often offer the best prices and their evaluation system makes it easy to find excellent accommodation at a reasonable value. But be sure to check that there is a substantial number of reviews.

Light source packing

This is obvious but worth mentioning over and over. You will discover only a few items you need to have. When finished packing instructions throw out half the items! Tony Robbins again: micron… is never resources; it’s resourcefulness”. So throw out the items from your backpack and package yourself full of resourcefulness! And will also be all ready to go!

Private costs back home

tend to pop up while least expected! Despite very careful planning and “considering everything”, that yearly payment abruptly appears out of the blue. Arrange forwarding of mail to a trustworthy friend or relative, and possibly deposit an amount of money together for unexpected expenses. Much simpler than if you unexpectedly must make an urgent international funds transfer when in some neglected corner of the jungle.

Insurance policy: medical, travelling, lost/stolen home, etc.

This is certainly not the most fun part of preparing for your Digital Nomad job, but it is worth mentioning. What are the results if you get sick? What if you do have a fatal accident? What if that is lost all your belongings including your passport, money, credit cards, laptop, and so forth? Not very uplifting things to consider; although if the unlikely occurs you will be more effective off with a good insurance policy.


May be worth considering. Life is short… The Electronic digital Nomad does not benefit from a great employers provisions into a retirement – it is entirely to the Digital Nomad’s initiative. Exclusive savings or any other suited way of creating assets that can generate sufficient and repeated income once needed.

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