Scented Candles: 3 Care Tips to Make Them Last Longer

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Australia is home to some of the most laid-back people in the world. The projected 25,725,374 people living in the country are always spoiled with miles of picturesque beaches and vast outback. But aside from enjoying outdoor adventures like hiking at Northern Territory’s famous MacDonnell Ranges or lounging at New South Wales’ Bondi Beach, many people would enjoy hanging out at home and lighting native Australian scented candles for relaxation.


Candles are chic and elegant finishing touches to any Australian home decor. The scented candle varieties can also make all areas of your house more homey and warm. In addition, the lovely scents can instantly make any room smell amazing. But if you want to make the most out of your scented candle collection, you need to follow these simple candle care tips.

#1: Be Conscious About the First Burn

It is crucial to be mindful about lighting your scented candles for the first time to ensure that they will last longer. For every initial lighting, you need to let the scented candle burn until the wax on the surface melts entirely. This process will help prevent the candle from tunnelling. It will also allow the candle to burn evenly all the time.


The effort to maintain an even first burn may last for two to four hours. But this essential process is necessary if you want to enjoy your native Australian scented candles for a long time.

#2: Trim the Wicks

Not everyone knows the importance of trimming the candle wicks. However, this process is a must for a better candle lighting experience for scented candle lovers.


The trimmed wicks can help the flame look brighter and cleaner. However, if you keep the wicks untrimmed, the flame will have an odd, mushroom-like shape. It can also cause black residues on the candle jar. So keep the wick trimmed at around 6mm in length for a cleaner burn.


You may use a regular pair of scissors or nail clippers to trim the wick. But if you are a serious scented candle collector, you may invest in a special wick trimmer that can be found in most craft stores.

#3: Avoid Placing Candles in Windy Spaces

The weather in Australia can be a bit windy at times, especially in the country’s southern parts. So, since the wind can affect the candle’s burn time, you need to make the critical adjustments to make the flame last as long as you want. And for that, place your scented candle jars as far away from the windows as possible. Instead, it should be in the part of your home with the best ventilation to let the scent spread in the room. It is also best to close the doors and windows for at least 30 minutes after lighting the candle to maximise the spread of the fragrance.

Bonus Tip: Proper Candle Storage

You can also make the scented candles last by storing them properly. You must place each candle jar in a cool but dry, dark place. Meanwhile, if you have plenty of candles in your collection, you can invest in a glass cloche to protect it from accumulating dust. You should also spend time cleaning the candles to get rid of all dirt and fingerprints using a soft cloth. You may slightly dampen the cloth with clean water for faster cleaning.


Lighting scented candles can help Australians unwind while staying indoors. You only need to find the best scent to uplift your mood and make the room extra relaxing for your maximum enjoyment.


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