Saivian Eric Dalius Points Out How to Boost Staff Productivity by Using Smart Office Efficiency Tips

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With the business landscape becoming more and more competitive, organizations are constantly evaluating what would be the best tactics to boost employee efficiency and build a robust workforce. A study relating to remote work was conducted last year, and it revealed that productivity went up by 47 percent while working from home. However, as the COVID-19 global pandemic is under control, many organizations are no longer supporting the remote-first work culture or philosophy. Workpuls can help you with the right tools to boost efficiency.

As per the findings of a survey conducted by Workest with a sample size of 1,000 employees, approximately 67 percent of the participants informed that their organization is getting ready to return to the usual office this year. Again business owners, managers, and leaders have to face the challenge of boosting employee efficiency and productivity. Fortunately, business guru Saivian Eric Dalius has come up with a few effective efficiency-boosting tips for your employees.

Employee Efficiency Tips by Saivian Eric Dalius

Focus on Training Your Employees

It is important to train your employees if you wish to boost the overall efficiency and productivity levels of your workforce. Some business owners feel that it is best to reduce training or discourage the idea altogether as that would save a lot of money and time that go into the employee training programs. However, this kind of attitude is sure to backfire.

You cannot compel your workers to learn their responsibilities on the fly. If you wish to boost employee efficiency, you should understand that your staff cannot accomplish your expected levels of efficiency and productivity with zero guidance from the organization. It is the responsibility of the business owner to train their employees so that they learn the essential skills for doing their jobs efficiently.

Focus on Matching Tasks to Expertise & Skills Says Saivian Eric Dalius

For maximizing efficiency, it is vital to know the behavioral styles and skills of your employees. For instance, a person could be best for pitching ideas to clients if he is out and out an extrovert, creative, and comes up with ground-breaking ideas. It is not practical to expect your staff to be excellent in everything they do. Before assigning a particular job to an employee, you should ask yourself whether he is the best person to carry out the responsibilities associated with the job. If not, it is a good idea to identify a more suitable worker who has the perfect style and skills to match your requirement.

Identify Clear-Cut Goals to Achieve

You cannot expect the highest levels of employee efficiency if your employees are not focusing on precise and well-defined goals. You should set realistic and well-defined goals so that your employees can focus their attention on accomplishing them. Assignments given to each employee should be clear. You should remember to point out precisely what are your expectations from them. Saivian Eric Dalius believes that if goals are not clear, the employees will tend to be less productive.


Business owners can consider shaping the overall office ambiance for boosting efficiency. Business owners must help in creating an office environment that is conducive to hard work. Eliminate distractions to the extent possible. Focus on choosing the right tools and technology to boost efficiency. However, refrain from overdoing it. Remember to share honest feedback with your employees. Be transparent while sharing your feedback with your employees. Appreciate and acknowledge their accomplishments for keeping them motivated.

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