Ruling Planet of the 12 Zodiac Indicators Based mostly on Vedic Astrology

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In line with Vedic astrology, the zodiac signal is all the time the habitat of its ruling planet. The signal’s ruling planets decide its decisive function, change its traits and convey change in its fates.

Every of the navagrahas or nine planets passes across the Earth and appears alternately into the Zodiac indicators (as if by way of home windows). These home windows are of various colours (palette, shades) – of various high quality, and completely different power (peculiar to the character of the weather).

Ruling Planets and Zodiac Indicators

Ruling Planets and Zodiac Signs

An individual’s ethical and non secular qualities largely depend upon the place and features of their ruling planets. Listed here are the ruling planets for 12 zodiac signs.

Zodiac Signal Ruling Planet
Aries Mars
Taurus Venus
Gemini Mercury
Most cancers Moon
Leo Solar
Virgo Mercury
Libra Venus
Scorpio Mars
Sagittarius Jupiter
Capricorn Saturn
Aquarius Saturn
Pisces Jupiter

1. Solar – Ruling planet of Leo Zodiac Signal

Head of the planet Solar (Surya) guidelines Fiery Leo (Simha Rashi)

Because the ruler of the zodiac signal Leo, the solar offers typical representatives royalty, generosity, pleasure, a condescending angle in the direction of others, and a want to indicate oneself, to shine in society.

These individuals are endowed with inexhaustible power and good well being; they’re vibrant, artistic, and with a superb humorousness. Nevertheless, Leos are sometimes distinguished by selfishness, an inclination to authoritarianism, conceitedness, a want to claim themselves on the expense of others, conceitedness, and excessiveness.

This signal can reach some ways if it maintains photo voltaic power. Sunday is the day of the solar. It’s higher to dedicate it to new purchases or assembly with pals.

2. Moon – Ruling planet of Most cancers Zodiac Signal

The Cool Moon (Chandra) guidelines Gentle Most cancers (Kark Rashi)

Beneath the management of the Moon is the sphere of emotions and feelings. The Moon has the best affect on Most cancers individuals. These are individuals with “skinny pores and skin,” compassionate and immediately reacting to what’s occurring round them.

They’re characterised by temper swings, daydreaming, and sentimentality. The principle worth for Cancers is household and youngsters. Cancers solely appear indecisive and weak-willed; they will survive and begin from scratch, regardless of probably the most difficult life crises.

They’re distinguished by a changeable disposition, sensitivity, vulnerability, impressionability, endurance, persistence, consideration to individuals, a reminiscence for goodness, and the flexibility to get used to new situations. One of the best day for Most cancers is Monday. On today, they will transfer mountains.

3. Mercury – Ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo

Clever Mercury (Budha) guidelines Gemini (Mithun) and Virgo (Kanya)

Mercury guidelines two indicators, Virgo and Gemini. It will appear that two indicators dominated by the identical planet are comparable, however those that are not less than a little bit conversant in Vedic astrology understand how completely different individuals they’re.

And but, with all this seeming distinction, they’ve comparable qualities – that is love and yearning for info. Gemini and Virgos reside with info; they bathe in it. Data is the air they drink; it’s what they reside and breathe. They react in another way to it. Mercury endows its wards with pace and tirelessness.

They’re distinguished by fast pondering, resourcefulness, commentary, agility, curiosity, and protracted reminiscence. Nevertheless, these indicators usually depart unfinished enterprise, are indecisive, insincere, talkative, unreliable, and unscrupulous. They’ll unfold gossip and rumors. Wednesday is the day for these indicators to make necessary choices.

4. Venus – Ruling planet of Taurus and Libra

Harmonious and Luxurious Venus (Shukra) guidelines Taurus (Brikha) and Libra (Tula)

Taurus and Libra are beneath the affect of the planet Venus. Venus is the planet of affection, magnificence, and concord, and it patronizes the humanities. In Taurus and Libra, it’s at its strongest. Subsequently, these two indicators are most inclined in the direction of the humanities and music.

Surprisingly, the character combines sensitivity with magnificence and delicate style, the will to look enticing with sexuality, attraction, and romance. Venus offers her kids a pleasant and peaceable disposition, a want to reside in consolation, and the flexibility to deal with despair rapidly.

Representatives of Venus must battle laziness, self-pity, inertia, and slovenliness. Generally these individuals stop to really feel the measure, manipulate others, and grow to be power “vampires,” jealous, ruthless, and cussed. Friday is the most effective day for these two indicators.

5. Mars – Ruling planet of Aries and Scorpio

Courageous and Daring Mars (Mangal) guidelines Aries (Mesh) and Scorpio (Brischik)

Exercise, vigor, fearlessness, irascibility – such qualities an individual receives from the purple planet. Aries and Scorpio – these are the intense representatives of Mars – their life is replete with passions and varied occasions. Mars is related to battle and the will to win.

They’re distinguished by exercise, braveness, robust disposition, perseverance, impulsiveness, enthusiasm, ardour, and self-confidence. These individuals are not afraid to take dangers, have management qualities, and are enterprising and easy.

Beneath the affect of feelings, they will commit rash acts. Aries and scorpions are advisable to like purple, reside actively on Tuesday, rise up early, and never luxuriate in mattress for hours.

6. Jupiter – Ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces

Authoritative Jupiter (Brihaspati) guidelines Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Min)

Jupiter in Jyotish is the planet of prosperity and generosity. It’s chargeable for how an individual learns and cognizes the world. It offers knowledge, breadth of outlook, and an optimistic outlook on life. Jupiter is honest and helps us to be neutral.

Jupiter guidelines the indicators of Sagittarius and Pisces; thus, each indicators are related to non secular improvement, generosity, benevolence, truthfulness, politeness, and purposefulness. Representatives of the planet are distinguished by a holistic image imaginative and prescient, don’t connect a lot significance to particulars, and may be glorious lecturers.

Nevertheless, ignorance of the measure in pleasures, extravagance, hypocrisy, promiscuity in relationships, greed, pleasure, the manifestation of authoritarianism, hypocrisy, and predatory intuition may dominate these indicators. Thursday is the day of Jupiter, so necessary issues are greatest carried out on today of the week.

8. Saturn – Ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius

Disciplinarian Saturn (Shani) guidelines Capricorn (Makar) and Aquarius (Kumbha)

In mythology, the ruler of Capricorn and co-ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, was a titan and regarded the lord of time. It’s related to the success of duties and a way of duty. It’s the expertise gained with effort and work.

Saturn endows an individual with perseverance, prudence, purposefulness, a philosophical angle to life, self-sufficiency, fidelity, pedantry, warning, accuracy, diligence, self-discipline, vitality, and dedication.

Folks of this kind are closed, distrustful, stingy, overly conservative, pessimistic, and even vengeful. They’re liable to suspicion, fatalism, grief, and the manifestation of tyranny. Saturday is useful for each the zodiac indicators.


The planets affect the indicators of the Zodiac. Every has its personal power – one enhances management qualities, the opposite is blessed with magnificence, one is endowed with mind, and the opposite is non secular. Nevertheless, relying on the time of start and different components, this affect may be harmonious and convey difficulties to an individual’s life. Subsequently, in Vedic astrology, the ruling planet place is crucial to know their affect on the character and life of individuals.

Be aware: This text talks in regards to the planetary affect of every zodiac signal. To know extra intimately about your personal start chart or Kundli, you may ask an astrologer online to get your horoscope readings.

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