Revit Sand 3 Jacket Review


Revit has always offered high-quality clothing for men, and the Sand 3 Jacket is no different. Boasting a more rugged, high-tech aesthetic while still featuring all of the features dual-sport enthusiasts cherish.

Similar to the Sand 2, this model features a removable Hydratex and insulating liner secured with short zippers and snaps for maximum airflow. If both liners are removed, two front chest vents and two back vents provide adequate airflow.


The Sand 3 3/4 length jacket is one of the most adaptable 3/4 length jackets available, ideal for mixed weather riding conditions and featuring both a thermal liner and Hydratex waterproof lining to provide warmth in colder temps while remaining highly breathable in warmer conditions.

It has a rugged yet high-tech appearance with its combination of polyester ripstop and Lorica synthetic leather materials, providing just enough protection without becoming bulky, while still allowing for great fit adjustments via its adjustable rail system.

Shoulder and elbow armor by REV’IT! are SeeFlex CE level 2 protectors, ready to accommodate a Leatt Moveo neck brace and equipped with attachment points for Challenger cooling vest and Hi-Viz Connector Vest.


The Sand 3 has always been an extremely versatile jacket, and with the addition of the Hydratex liner it can handle all climates. Additionally, when combined with Leatt or Moveo neck brace options it makes an affordable piece of high tech adventure gear.

This new design of thermal liner zipper features two extended flaps that can be folded over and snapped together to block cold air from entering. This works extremely well and represents a vast improvement over previous designs.

The new chest vents also boast improved panels that fold back into their respective buttons in the center and unzip to release ventilation zippers when zipped up, making opening and closing them much simpler than with old vents.


The Sand series has long been considered the Swiss Army Knife of adventure-touring jackets due to its adaptable mix-and-match system that allows different liners to be added or removed depending on conditions. Hydratex provides waterproof capabilities while thermal keeps you warm in colder environments.

This jacket features Seeflex CE Level 2 Type RV shoulder and elbow protectors with massive dual zipper vents on each sleeve for full arm coverage, and an exhaust vent at the rear that opens across your torso area.

The Sand 3 continues the Sand series’ tradition of offering great pockets, featuring large waterproof front zip pockets and twin hand warmer pockets that can easily be reached when wearing gloves. Each main front pocket flap also includes an invisible metal snap for clean appearance.


The Sand 3 jacket is a textile jacket featuring the tried-and-tested three layer setup. The outer shell utilizes polyester ripstop and PWR shell 500D panels to provide water repellence and strong abrasion resistance, with an inner waterproof Hydratex liner offering full protection and an insulated thermal liner providing additional warmth. Safety features include Level 2 Seeflex armour on shoulders and elbows along with preparation for chest protector.

This jacket comes equipped with two zippered chest vents and a SeeSoft back protector to make it suitable for four season adventure, while its seamless armpit panel design alleviates irritation caused by fabric seams rubbing against skin. Furthermore, its pockets feature metal snaps on their inside for secure closure – something which improves comfort further.


The Sand 3 3/4 jacket from REV’IT! is our most versatile 3/4 jacket yet. Equipped with both thermal and Hydratex waterproof liners, you can select which option best suits your climate needs.

Revit upgraded their chest, back, and sleeve vent zippers to open wider, allowing more airflow through and keeping larger water droplets out while still letting in cool air – creating a 4-season jacket!

This jacket boasts Level 2 CE Seeflex armour on its shoulders and elbows, along with ProLife abrasion protection on forearms and knees. Furthermore, seamless armpit stretch panels make this lightweight material jacket especially comfortable to ride in; plus there are adjustable straps on both forearms and waist for precise sizing.