Regentology Reviews – Read the Regentology Reviews Before You Join a Real Estate Referral Network


There are many things to consider when using Real estate referral networks, including Rates and Costs. When using a referral service, getting the best value for your money is essential. Before you join a real estate referral service, read the reviews on the services to learn what to expect.

Real estate referral network

Regentology is a real estate referral network for realtors and brokers in the United States and Canada. They provide verified leads, tools, and support for agents to help them close deals. It’s free to join, and agents pay for leads only when a successful transaction. Unlike most real estate referral networks, Regentology has a unique business model.

The company rewards responsiveness, which can help agents get more referrals. It also rewards effective agents. Those who provide excellent service are rated highly by their clients. The service also grades the agents on customer satisfaction and how well they help their clients. It also prefers agents with at least three years of experience and twenty-five transactions.

Real estate referral networks often require a referral fee, which can be significant. Referral fees are based on the new business that the referred agent gets from the client. Not all clients require the same resources s, so referral fees may take a large chunk of a smaller commission check.

The fees associated with these networks vary based on the lender. Read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up. Some networks require you to fill out online forms and provide your contact information. They also may not have agents in your area.


The Regentology company offers an effective lead generation service for a low up-front cost. This makes it a better alternative to farm area lead generation companies. Moreover, it offers a better return on investment than other lead generation companies. But there are some downsides as well.