Regentology Lead Reviews – Are They a Scam?


Regentology leads are a scam. They get their numbers from shady companies, which means their leads contain stolen and hacked information. They also claim to provide a CRM, but that is all BS. I would not recommend Regentology to anyone. I have heard a lot of bad things about them and found them to be a waste of money.

Regentology leads are a total scam

If you are looking for lead generation services online, you should avoid Regentology leads. Their leads come from shady companies. They offer stolen or hacked information. The claim that their CRM is based on real contact information is a load of BS. I would never recommend Regentology to my worst enemy.

Regentology claims to be a total BS

The company promotes its service as free, but the truth is that you need to pay to use the service. There are commission fees and other fees to pay to agents. Regentology charges a one-time sign-up fee, plus a 20%-to-25% referral fee. This is still a lot less expensive than UpNest, which is also free. Regentology claims to provide intent-verified leads, geo-targeted leads, and AI-based CRM.

Regentology is a real estate matching service that sends geo-targeted, intent-verified leads to local real estate agents. The company claims to provide a seamless experience for consumers, while also saving agents a considerable amount of time. It does this by integrating technology with a human-powered approach. The company also pays its agents a small referral fee when a deal closes.