Reasons To Hire Workers Compensation Lawyer in Florida

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In Florida, over a million workers have been injured on the job. About 400,000 will seek state compensation for their injury out of those residents.

Unfortunately, Florida has a faulty system that can lead to the under-compensation of non-compensation. The statutes and laws don’t always favor the average worker, resulting in mishandling many cases by employers and insurance companies.

This is why employees need to hire a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer. A workers’ comp lawyer has experience with state law and knows how to fight an employer or insurance company when they try to take advantage of you after your work-related accident.

In addition to this, employees can hire Florida workers’ compensation lawyers for the following reasons.

1. Florida Statutes Are Complicated

Florida law has over 12,000 statutes that govern work-related accidents, insurance issues, and workers’ injuries. It is even more difficult for residents to understand Florida law because state laws frequently change, with some parts being updated every year.

Every case is different, which means if an employer or an insurance company wants to take advantage of you, they will find a way around the Florida laws to do so. Even though many cases are not clear-cut, having a trained lawyer on your side can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting what you deserve after your work injury.

2. Insurance Companies and Employers Know Florida Law

This means that Florida workers’ comp insurance companies and employers have attorneys on staff to ensure they don’t get in trouble following state laws.

Employers and insurance companies are experienced in Florida accident cases, making them dangerous adversaries when working with the average worker who doesn’t understand the state’s complicated workers’ comp system.

3. Hiring a Lawyer Is Important Because of Experience

If your employer, their insurer, or even a third party was involved with the incident that caused your injuries, then they have lawyers on staff prepared to deal with workers’ comp cases like yours.

The employee who causes the accident will not be reasonable and open to negotiating with you on their own. That means that if you want to get what the law says that you deserve, then hiring a workers’ comp attorney is necessary even when your employer was at fault for your injuries.

4. Florida Workers’ Comp Attorneys Know How Insurance Companies and Employers Think

Insurance companies are in business to make money by denying employees benefits that they are legally entitled to. Employers want workers’ comp costs down at all possible means.

That’s why employees should hire a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer over engaging with an insurance company or employer on their own. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney knows how accidents work, which means they know what information is essential when proving your claim.

5. Florida Attorneys May Be Able To Get You More Money in the End

Your case will go before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) if it proceeds through the Florida Workers’ Compensation system after you have filed a workers’ comp claim. The ALJ is not bound by any laws in deciding injury claims in Florida and makes its decision based upon written evidence and testimony from witnesses. 

Florida workers’ comp attorneys know the law and how to work accident claims, which helps them understand what rules apply to your injury case.


An experienced attorney knows where the legal loopholes exist when receiving Florida benefits. Hiring a workers comp lawyer west palm beach is more than having someone who can file paperwork; it’s about protecting yourself from insurance companies, employers, and even other companies who caused the accident.

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