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Solo Farming in the Tower offers an adorable story with adorable characters and farm scenes, perfect for anyone interested in manga featuring farm themes as well as cute monsters.

With an engaging plot and captivating characters, this manga has won over fans quickly! A must-read for all manga enthusiasts!

The Story

Solo Farming In The Tower is an action, adventure, and fantasy narrative told through Brother Lim’s exceptional storytelling skills combined with Lee Hae-kyung’s captivating artwork that makes this manhwa so compelling for readers who enjoy adrenaline-pumping battles and daring quests. Fans who appreciate such storytelling often become fans themselves!

In Chapter 15, The Wandering Merchant Cat, Theo hosted an auction that attracted much interest, yet was won over by an elderly wealthy man outbidding everyone and purchasing most of the items himself. Sejun, Red Mountain Ranger, felt despondent but realized his unique ability could work to his benefit by approaching Suha with an offer to sell him Tower coins and magical cherry tomatoes in exchange. Suha accepted, much to Sejun’s displeasure.

Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 36 will reveal more details of the MC’s ability to cultivate magic plants and food, as well as an unexpected turn of events between Red Bears and Minotaurs, which becomes critical when food supplies run low; later, the conflict turns into a unique challenge: an incredible quest!

Fans looking for Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 36 can turn to Naver Webtoon, the official platform of this manhwa. With an intuitive user experience and Korean language support, these weekly installments will keep readers hooked!

Mangagg provides a free trial, but users will need to subscribe in order to gain full access. With full access, users will be able to read all chapters as well as watch its anime adaptation.

Solo Farming In The Tower will officially hit shelves on November 16, 2023, and as its story develops, we can expect more thrilling episodes as Sejun takes on unexpected challenges and uncovers more secrets within his tower.


Solo Farming In The Tower has captured readers across the world with its captivating combination of action, adventure, and fantasy. Created by Sick Night and brought to life by Lee Ha Kyung, this manga has quickly become a favorite among those looking for new experiences with a unique cast of characters.

This story follows Sejun as he overcomes challenges within a mysterious tower, using his abilities and friendships to overcome them. Each chapter delivers intrigue and emotion while creating a tale of trust and joy for readers – Chapter 36, in particular, is captivating with its celestial backdrop and thoughtful moments where Sejun considers Kueng and Kueng’s mother.

Through each chapter, readers encounter new developments, including the introduction of a fox character and an adventure with a traveling merchant association leader. Furthermore, readers learn of a feud among dragon families of their towers who seek the title of champion. However, the story still charms fans through whimsical storytelling and charming artwork.

Not only are the character designs captivating, but the story’s pacing is excellent as well. Each chapter provides readers with exciting events and action-packed battles, keeping readers on their toes throughout. Chapter 37 promises even more surprises for fans eagerly awaiting its release!

Solo Farming In The Tower can be read online via various platforms, including official media like Line Webtoon and Naver Series for free, fan sites offering complete access for premium subscriptions (allowing readers to read in its original language for an immersive reading experience) as well as raw scans available days prior to release dates which will enable fans to gain an early peek and plan accordingly.


Solo Farming in the Tower is an engaging manga featuring thrilling adventures in an alluring fantasy world. Created by talented creators, its spellbinding tale has attracted fans from around the globe. Available exclusively on ManhwaTop, this manga provides thrilling, action-packed entertainment, perfect for fans who love action-packed stories set within fantasy environments.

Solo Farming in the Tower features stunning artwork that perfectly complements its captivating storyline. Characters are intricately drawn and vividly represent their dangerous and mysterious world. Additionally, its creators have made every effort to produce unique art styles in order to appeal to a diverse audience.

Solo Farming in the Tower stands apart from most manga by emphasizing cultivation over combat skills. Sejun, its main protagonist, cultivates crops to gain experience and rewards – even employing adorable cats and rabbits as helpers who adore him and reward him with photographs or affection!

Solo Farming in the Tower’s previous chapter introduced Theo, a nomadic merchant who hosts an auction at his tower home. Attracting much attention, an elderly gentleman outbids everyone and wins most of the items available at this auction. Charismatic yet cunning, Theo knows precisely how to manipulate others to maximize his profit, and his deals are quickly winning fans over; fans eagerly anticipate learning more about him in forthcoming chapters of Solo Farming in the Tower Manhwa.

Fans eagerly anticipate Solo Farming in the Tower’s upcoming chapter to be released on July 20, 2023, and its release. Expect plenty of drama and excitement in store when this gripping series continues its story! The forthcoming chapter should come as no surprise; spoilers have not yet been disclosed about its content.

In this chapter, The Nomadic Merchant Theo will present an intriguing plan to the leader of a South Korean team of players. We’ll witness its consequences and how these events shape their lives and struggle against such a hostile world.

Release Date

Solo Farming in the Tower Chapter 37’s release date has been unveiled, delighting fans from around the globe. It is set for release at midnight on November 23, 2023. Korean Standard Time, fans can read it online via Naver Webtoon and Line Webtoon, with English-language versions becoming accessible one or two days post-release.

Solo Farming in the Tower is a beloved manga series that brings together elements of action, adventure, and fantasy for an exhilarating reading experience. Boasting thrilling battles and heart-pounding adventures set against an intricate setting, Solo Farming in the Tower has amassed an avid following due to its captivating storyline and stunning artwork.

Chapter 37 promises to be another exciting chapter of this acclaimed series, as Sejun encounters an intimidating boss deep within a dungeon. With help from his sage companion and newcomer, Iona, Sejun must use all his strengths to defeat this mighty foe and survive this mysterious place. Meanwhile, an unexpected twist occurs when Theo and Iona embark upon a mission to rescue him – further creating intrigue within this tale!

Fans have been eagerly speculating ahead of the release regarding what plot twists await them in this installment. One theory holds that Sejun may receive help from his sage to recover his memories; another holds that more will be revealed about the mysterious tower. A cliffhanger at the end of Chapter One left fans eager for what comes next in Chapter Two.

Fans can start enjoying this gripping manga by reading its chapters on Naver Webtoon and Line Webtoon platforms – with free access provided to the first five chapters, but additional chapters require purchasing a fast pass from these platforms. It is also available for sale through the Naver eBook store.