Raffles Club London


Raffles Club is one of London’s premier nightclubs. The dress code at Raffles is intelligent and elegant; high heels are essential to experiencing clubbing at Raffles. Flat shoes, flip-flops, or sneakers should not be worn during clubbing sessions. The actual Interesting Info about raffles club.

The club is well known for its celebrity guests. Caggie Dunlop arrived in a Rolls Royce while James “Jimmy” Regan (to Ollie Locke’s dismay) also graced its ranks last series – to start things off!

The atmosphere

Raffles Club provides an upscale environment, which may seem intimidating at first. But their professional yet friendly staff will ensure a pleasant experience for you – helping with drink orders and ensuring you have a fantastic time!

Since 1967, this London club tucked inside a Chelsea townhouse has been popular with members of the Royal Family, such as Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, and Prince Charles. Being smaller than other clubs provides for more intimate experiences.

Since Made in Chelsea first aired, its central location has become a hotspot for cast members like Spencer Matthews, Caggie Dunlop, Ollie Locke, Reza, and Sam Prince – who all regularly frequent it – to relax after long days shooting or for casual drinks with friends.

The music

Music at this club reflects its upscale, luxurious ambiance by offering an eclectic blend of pop, electro, and R& B hits – promising an exciting dance floor experience accompanied by plenty of champagne to sip!

This club, housed within a Chelsea townhouse and open exclusively to members, is popular with royalty, celebrities, and MIC stars alike – Caggie Dunlop arrived by Rolls Royce. At the same time, Ollie Locke took names at the door when Made in Chelsea first made its debut on television screens in 2011.

The club is designed in the style of the 1960s, featuring lots of gold and tree colors, deep wood tones, dark green marble paneling, metallic holographic wallpaper, and velvet-trimmed seating with pictures of iconic figures framed on them.

The drinks

Bartenders at Raffles are highly-skilled professionals, serving an incredible selection of drinks. While you will find classic cocktails like martinis or sangria on the menu, their mixologists also create exclusive drinks using unique recipes for Raffles that will surely impress all your friends and guests!

The Raffles Club in Chelsea London is a renowned members club that attracts an elite clientele, including celebrities and television personalities. Open until 5 am with a late license, The Raffles Club is known as one of London’s premier nightlife destinations.

The Million Dollar Cocktail was first invented by Raffles Singapore bartender Ngiam Tong Boon in 1915. This drink comprises pineapple juice, lime, curacao, Benedictine, and grenadine for an eye-catching pink hue.

The food

Raffles Club offers an abundance of dining options for food and beverage services, with several restaurants and bars scattered across their hotel grounds, in addition to on-site offerings like Azur Restaurants & Bar. One popular spot among visitors to their club is Azur Restaurants and Bar – perhaps their most beloved venue!

This club has also become something of a celebrity hangout. People visit it due to the great music and atmosphere; celebrities and royalty have often patronized this establishment in the past; plus, it provides an ideal space for socializing amongst friends.

Made In Chelsea cast members have frequented Raffles Club throughout its run on Made in Chelsea. For example, episode one focused on Amber Atherton’s jewelry launch at Raffles; Caggie Dunlop drove there in her Rolls Royce while Ollie Locke took names at the door.

The dress code

Raffles Club in London remains one of the biggest clubs, yet still enforces an extremely stringent dress code. Jeans or other clothing containing holes may result in you being turned away even if you are on their guest list and have booked a table with bottle service.

At Raffles Club, the only way in is with valid tickets or by being accompanied by an existing member – so booking your table ahead is essential! This club is known for hosting celebrity guests such as Caggie Dunlop of Made in Chelsea fame; Casey Bachelor and Ollie Locke were both seen there recently – plus it features an expansive dance floor complete with lighting effects!

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