Purely Pets Insurance Reviews


Purely Pets insurance offers a range of Lifetime cover options, from PS1,000 for a dog or cat to PS15,000 for an exotic dog or cat. All plans include coverage for vet bills, stolen or lost pets, boarding expenses, and Third Party Liability (which covers accidents on public roads). According to Trust Pilot, the company has high customer satisfaction scores.

Lifetime cover

Purely Pets Lifetime cover is a policy that covers your dog or cat forever, regardless of age or breed. Several levels of cover are available, including Bronze, Silver, and Gold policies. You can choose which level of cover best suits your needs and budget. Each level has its own conditions and limitations, so read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up.

Lifetime cover usually comes with a higher premium than other types of cover, but the cost will depend on the age and health of your pet. In addition, you will need to pay an annual renewal premium. Lifetime cover is considered the most comprehensive type of pet insurance because it will cover a wide range of illnesses and accidents throughout your pet’s lifetime.

Exotic pets

Exotic pets require special care and attention when they are ill. Birds, for instance, can develop parasites that may be deadly. Therefore, it is essential to have bird insurance. Furthermore, reptiles are susceptible to environmental changes and may need medical attention if exposed to hot summer temperatures.

The costs of pet medical care vary widely. The cost of surgery is often the highest. A typical spaying and neutering session costs around PS40 for cats and around PS200 for large animals. Blood tests are another costly expense – about PS100 to PS130 per test.

Dental care

Purely Pets Insurance has a variety of plans for your pet. These range from basic, lifetime cover to extended EU cover and dental injury and illness cover. Some of the plans also include coverage for euthanasia and cremation. However, you should read the policy’s terms and conditions and limitations carefully before signing up for it. While it does provide emergency dental coverage in the UK and PETS countries of Europe, some dental services are not covered.

Dental care coverage isn’t a standard part of most pet insurance plans. Some policies only offer this coverage as an add-on, raising the cost of the policy every month. But if you decide to purchase dental coverage for your pet, you’ll have the peace of mind to know that your pet is covered for dental care.


When looking for a pet insurance policy, you need to look for the policy’s excess coverage and excess level. Excess levels of cover should match those of your existing policy. For example, if you have a Gold policy, you should be able to claim an excess of up to PS1,000.

Purely Pets has 15 different policies with excess levels ranging from PS1,000 to PS15,000. There’s an insurance policy for every budget and type of pet owner.

Comparison to competitors

Purely Pets is a pet insurance provider that offers a comprehensive range of cover for your four-legged friend. The insurer’s website allows you to make new claims and track the status of existing claims. You can download a claim form and fill it in before submitting it to the company. You can also send in the form by post.

Purely Pets Insurance’s comparison to competitors shows that it offers several different policies across 15 levels. The first level covers vet fees up to PS1,000, while the highest tier covers up to PS15,000 in annual vet fees. However, it’s important to note that some policies only become available if you’ve had your policy for a certain period. For example, cremation cover is only available after you’ve been with the company for 36 months, and dental illness cover is only available after 12 months.