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Print to a file – We all must have given the print command on our system through word, excel, and other documents. Although, most of us understand everything that the “Ctrl + P” dialogue box mentions. But there is one thing that still confuses many people. That is the “Print To File” option. Most people take it literally, print it into a file, and try experimenting with it. Hence, we are here today to give you more clarity on it.

What Is The “Print To A File” Option?

Before we directly jump into what this option does and serve, we must be aware of its little backstory. It is necessary to understand how the whole printing works to realize the true meaning of this tab. Please note that printing is a conversion process that translates the HTML encoding into instructions to your printer. Not every printer would understand the same language, so it can differ from company to company or even from model to model from the same company.

Hence, when an application is printing, it transmits with the Windows printing interface, which conveys to the driver of your printer to translate the instructions into whatever language the printer knows. Hence, it sends the result to the printer that can now print what you commanded. When you click on the “Print to file” option, the data sent to the printer during the last step is written on a file hard disk instead.

Use Of Print To File Tab

When we use this tab, they save the output in a file in the form of “.prn.” So if you want to print something that requires a lot of time and becomes a little inconvenient, you can use this option. Hence, next time you want the identical copy but do not want to go through the hustle again, copy that same “.prn” file, and your document will get printed.

You can drag and drop the file on the printer icon or enter the copy command, and it will start doing its job. However, many people have the feedback that it is not that difficult to print from an original source eliminates the use of this tab altogether.

Problems With This Option

There are a few reasons why one would not want to try the print to file tab. We have listed a few below briefly for your quick reference and understanding:

  1. Modern print drivers do not support it.
  2. You would need the exact same model and company of that printer for it to work.
  3. Nowadays, the software is not giving this option by default as it used to.
  4. It is not portable.


We are sure you know what a print to file is and how it works now. Please note that people are switching to print to PDF instead because it is more portable and convenient. The concept of both is quite similar, but print to PDF comes with more facility and flexibility. Hence, if you require the service of this tab, we would suggest you choose the print to PDF over the print to file.

Can a “.prn” file work on any printer?

No, it can only work on the same printer or the different printer but of the same model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does windows 10 have the print to a file option available?

No, the print to a file option is not present in Windows 10 and upgrades by default.

Which one is better, print to a file or print to PDF?

Print to PDF is better than print to a file, and its ubiquity made the print to file option exit from recent and upcoming software.


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