Pediatric Urgent Care – Find a Pediatric Urgent Care Near Me


Pediatric urgent care facilities offer non-emergent healthcare needs such as flu, sinusitis, strep throat treatment, and injuries such as bone fractures, sprains, and cuts. Furthermore, preventative services are offered, such as annual physicals/health visits/flu shots, etc.


If your child is sick, you may be concerned about the cost of visiting an urgent care clinic. While this can be a valid concern, it’s also important to remember there are ways you can lower medical costs when necessary. First and foremost, avoid emergency room trips as these could expose your family to infectious diseases that would not exist otherwise compared with an urgent care clinic; additionally, they tell your family to more expensive procedures like X-rays; visit a pediatric critical care center instead when your child becomes unwell.

Urgent Care provides non-emergency healthcare services that address flu symptoms, sinus infections, strep throat, and minor injuries such as sprains or fractures. Critical care services may be less costly than hospital emergency rooms while offering late-night and weekend access for convenience.

Many pediatric urgent care centers also feature a team of pediatricians to treat kids’ illnesses and medical problems more cost-efficiently than an emergency room visit, offering services like on-site X-rays. Furthermore, most urgent care visits can usually be seen within 24 hours after initiating contact.

Take advantage of virtual urgent care services to reduce acute care visit costs. These virtual clinics connect patients to healthcare providers via video call; most insurance plans cover these visits. You can connect using your smartphone, tablet, or computer with high-speed internet to connect with them.

Before visiting an urgent care clinic, always check with your insurance company to gain more insight into the contracted rates at each urgent care facility you’re considering – huge chain urgent care clinics, which have become the new emergency rooms and are giving all urgent care a bad name. Furthermore, ask about pricing transparency; ask what fees or service charges may be applied, etc.

Wait time

If your children need immediate treatment for an illness or injury, you must know which clinic will best meet their needs. While emergency rooms may be overkill in treating minor problems, emergency care locations in NYC offer immediate medical assistance for many non-life-threatening issues, including fevers, stomachaches, ear infections, and minor fractures.

Comparative to an emergency department, pediatric urgent care clinics feature much shorter wait times and boast extensive resources like digital X-rays and laboratory services; some centers even provide ultrasounds! Furthermore, pediatric urgent care centers accept most insurance plans and have extended hours; for further assistance when selecting an urgent care clinic near you, please check their websites for information regarding wait time estimates.

Pediatric urgent care providers must understand and be sensitive to the unique physical changes associated with growing children and their emotional, social, and intellectual development. Due to these individual differences, pediatric urgent care has seen rapid expansion over any other healthcare service; urgent care has realized that consumers want access to great healthcare providers after hours, on weekends, and on holidays – without incurring emergency room costs – which has contributed significantly to its rapid expansion.

With today’s hectic lifestyles, parents do not have enough time to wait for medical assistance for their children. That is why many are turning to pediatric urgent care instead of visiting primary care doctors because wait times for pediatric critical care clinics are much lower compared to family practices; many clinics also remain open until midnight or even weekends – perfect for busy families – while being cheaper and more convenient than emergency rooms thanks to online booking and kiosk sign-in systems.


Pediatric urgent care centers provide children with access to physicians and nurses with expertise in diagnosing and treating children, using equipment designed specifically for them to make receiving medical treatments as comfortable as possible. Not only can pediatric urgent care ensure they receive optimal treatment, but it can also help parents avoid unnecessary trips to emergency rooms.

Urgent care centers have experienced exponential growth since their introduction into US healthcare services, prompting consumers to search “urgent care” five times more frequently than “primary care” or “family doctor.” Consumers want same-day access to top-quality physicians – after hours, on weekends, and on holidays without incurring the expense of visiting an emergency room.

However, urgent care clinics have presented several safety issues. Canares notes that many urgent care providers lack training in treating minor pediatric cases, often sending patients directly to emergency departments when it isn’t necessary. This can be dangerous in infants and toddlers suffering from underlying chronic conditions like asthma or congenital heart disease, as even minor illnesses could worsen symptoms.

Urgent care facilities can also make scheduling appointments challenging when in a time crunch; this can be incredibly frustrating when treating an ill child immediately. To reduce wait time, however, some urgent care centers offer online scheduling or kiosk sign-in to minimize wait time.

Staff at Children Urgent Care near me take great care to ensure children’s safety during visits to their clinics. They will gather your child’s medical history and may recommend tests such as x-rays or lab work before diagnosing and prescribing medications if necessary; additionally, they will send a copy of each visit directly to your primary care provider.

Are you in NYC and searching for pediatric urgent care near you? Check out this list of NYC pediatric urgent care centers specializing in non-life-threatening medical matters that primary care physicians cannot treat; these clinics are open seven days a week and can connect patients to specialists should further evaluation or treatment be necessary.


Pediatric urgent care clinics can be invaluable resources for minor medical issues that need immediate treatment, from injuries or coughs that persist to injuries such as broken bones. Their doctors and staff are highly experienced at soothing children during procedures while being kind and understanding – perfect resources for parents looking for immediate solutions for their kids. Whether they require urgent attention due to an injury or are just under the weather, pediatric critical care clinics offer quick solutions and will soon have your child feeling back to his/her old self again!

AFC Urgent Care East Meadow has been open since May 2014. AFC Urgent Care East Meadow offers private rooms in an impressive new building equipped with modern technology. Accepting most PPO and HMO insurance plans and transparent pricing for services provided, on-site lab work, X-rays, and nebulizer treatments are also offered alongside a dedicated pediatric suite.

Children can become sick quickly, and it can be challenging for parents to promptly bring them into an urgent care facility. That’s why finding a pediatric critical care near you with experienced staff who understand your children’s needs can be crucial – plus, their doctors are available from 7 am until 11 pm seven days a week!

Healthcare consumers are highly engaged and search for “urgent care” more frequently than “primary care” or family doctors. They want access to quality healthcare providers – after hours, on weekends, and on holidays – without incurring unnecessary expenses at emergency rooms.

Upper East Side residents now have access to the first urgent care center explicitly designed for kids – an institution run by doctors who understand the medical and emotional needs of young patients, open early and late to accommodate busy schedules, and offer camp, sports, and school physicals.

Drakos Clinical Dynamics’ facility is the first standalone pediatric urgent care in Central New York and was inaugurated with a community day event. It offers nine patient rooms specializing in treating children from newborn through 26. The staff are committed to providing superior care for kids of all ages and accept many insurance plans like Excellus BCBS, Aetna MVP Wellcare, Humana Military Martin’s Point CDPHP UHC.