Passport Document Verification- An Optimized Way to Scan Fake Identities

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The world is moving forward and getting advanced, with that the crime rates are also accumulating. All sectors including banks, corporate businesses, or airports have fear of identity theft of their clients. The only motive of the fake identities is to steal the personal credentials of the end-user for their own benefit. Especially in airports, the verification of a passport is essential for the identification of fake entities and to know that the person who is traveling is the same as on a document. For the prevention of such frauds, a new application for the face verification is established. Which can secure the personal credentials of the clients and detect fake entities.

What is an Online Document Verification Portal?

Document checker online is an efficient technology that is very productive in detecting the fake entities which are a threat to the systems. This process is smartly done which gives output in real-time. This process of detection requires passports, ID cards, legal papers approved by the government, utility bills, and a live selfie of the end-user for matching and attesting the documents to eliminate the risk of impersonation.

Role of Documents for Identity Proof to Combat Fraud

To diminish the fraud reports, authorities like FinMA, FINTRAC, FATF, etc are acknowledging KYC and AML compliance for the guidance of businesses about authentic diligence of their customers. For that client’s documents are observed for identity purposes to avoid scam cases. For this, your customer compliance is practiced individually by banks, legal departments, embassies, and financial sectors. All credit goes to the advanced systems that are accomplished in documents for identity proof. This verification is practiced in no time and confirms the identity of end-users and confirms that the user is the same they pretend to be.

How to Verify Documents Online?

Several steps are used for passport document verification by using machine learning algorithms, these document fraud checks include;

Genuineness of KYC Documents

In this, the documents are checked for identity verification. It confirms that submitted credentials are real or fake.


The format of documents is checked and detects whether the documents are edited, photoshopped, or cropped.

Verification of MRZ Code

The government issued documents that have MRZ (machine readable zone) code on them are required for the verification purpose of the customer. When someone makes changes in this code it will immediately be detected by the system.

Attestation of Documents for Identity Proof

The attestation of documents was done manually in the past. This has chances of errors that’s why this traditional verification process is not preferred at all. Furthermore, details like edited or altered corners of the document are not detected by manual checking. Hence, an E-verify document system is introduced to extract such errors and accurate results.

Identifying Rainbow Patterns and Hologram

There are rainbow patterns and holograms on the documents according to the specific country and region. In this process, artificial intelligence helps to extract out authentic data by examining these holograms and rainbow patterns. After this examination, fraud documents are eliminated and real ones are accepted.

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Benefits of Digital Passport Verification Documents

There are many benefits of the document verification process such as;

  • E-verify documents process use AI and machine learning who are capable of storing multiple languages and the formats of the texts wordpress metabox
  • The passport verification document software can detect holograms, prints of various countries
  • This passport document verification is the fast document verification process that performs the process in real-time.
  • It investigates suspicious documents like fake, tampered with, edited, or cropped documents.
  • It reduces human effort and resources
  • Helps the companies to maintain their reputation
  • This technology of identification ensures the client’s trust level and satisfy them regarding their personal credentials

Industries that use the Application for Verification of Documents

There are some organizations that use passport verification documents software for their operations such as;

  • Health Industry
  • Bank institutions
  • Real estate businesses
  • Legal sectors
  • Travel industries
  • Financial institutions
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges

In a Nutshell

Summarizing the whole conversation, it is assumed that passport document verification is essential for all organizations for the verification of their client’s identity and save their personal information. This application detects the risks of identity theft and maintains the trust level of the clients.

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