Our Trip to the Moroccan Wasteland From Marrakech City

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After I remember my trip to The other agents, the beautiful Moroccan landscapes come back to my brain and the splendid architecture in the buildings. Shared marrakech to fes desert tour 3 Days – I realized now there is more than a year a circuit of your week in southern The other agents, accompanied by a great group of five people, which I keep great memories. Back on my vacation to Morocco…

We landed inside Marrakech, and we joined the hotel in the early nighttime. I had a stormy night as the room was not isolated, and also, our neighbors had an event until the end of the nighttime… In short, it was Marrakech!

Another morning, we took the coach to the city of Ouarzazate. The trail that crosses the string of the High Atlas from the Tizen-Tichka pass is very long and winding, but the scenery is stunning.

We, in that case, took the road of “Thousand Kasbahs,” located in the Dades Valley. We then find pretty clay villages, sours, kasbahs. These are the quality buildings of southern The other agents.

We went to the ksar of Ait Ben Haddou. It is a UNESCO-listed fortified commune, which has been used for several well-known films, including Lawrence Darabie, the Mummy, and Prince of Persia. This can be one of the places that knocked me the most during my lodge in Morocco.

The next day, we wrecked in the desert part of The other agents. The landscapes are dry and surprising. We often meet wandering dromedaries in a vast desert area, many sellers on the sly coming out of nowhere, and we reason habits of Moroccans.

I was surprised to see that waters were still being collected from a well, that women were laundry clothes in the waterways. Therefore many villagers seemed to your time day sitting in front of their households doing nothing. And the ongoing availability of meat, do not focus on it!

We spent good evening hours in Tinerhir. In the natural environment, one can discover beautiful hands groves. It is also the kickoff point for the dunes of Merzouga, my most beautiful memory regarding Morocco. We went at night, so the temperatures were comparatively pleasant. The sunset has been lovely. The pictures of the setting sun in the dunes of Merzouga are visible here.

In any other case, throughout our stay, it was boiling, usually, 40 °, even though we traveled through the middle of September. I was able to consult the current temperature ranges and weather in The other agents via Meteovista.

We had noticed that it would be nice and the temperatures would be “normal” for that season. Meteovista gives weather forecasts for France, The European countries, Morocco, and the whole planet. We can only hope it can easily be sunny every vacation!

The next day, still under the stunning sun of Morocco, we all stopped at the Gorges ni Todra. It is a natural website where the rocky cliffs are incredibly high and close collectively. Some climbers climb these kinds of walls up to 300 measures high. A narrow course allows you to walk down this kind of cliff. A stream travels right by.

We rested well in Erfoud, “the cash of the date,” then took the road to Zagora. Most of us passed through the Draa Basin, where fortified villages in addition to oases follow one another. In that case, we spent the morning and the night in this previous caravan city, which functioned as a stage for those heading towards Timbuktu.

In the morning, we took the road to Ouarzazate: the door of the desert. That Moroccan city is located within the confluence of the valleys connected with Draa and Dades. Often the tourists are numerous, and the souks do not miss! It is also the metropolis of cinema: many shows are shot in Ouarzazate, and the city hosts well-known actors during filming.

Most of us also discovered the sets of the DVD Asterix and Obelix Assignment Cleopatra on the internet site. It’s nice to choose the cinematography in real life, although it’s disappointing to see how abandoned they are and in any sorry state…

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