Obesity is a common concern that affects us and our pets. Being a pet parent makes you more responsible for dealing with various health issues of your pets. However, loving and taking good care of them is not as hard as you think. Most of you enjoy the companionship of your furry friends, and you share an unsaid bond of affection with them. Their love for you brings a lot of fun and happiness into your life as well. 

However, to keep up the zest of your pets for being playful, you must ensure a healthy routine and diet for them. If they continue to be lethargic and inactive for a couple of days, you must visit a vet or consider telehealth with one in Delhi NCR. To ease you off from the unwanted stress affecting your mental peace, DCC Animal Hospital serves the purpose of keeping your pets in their best health. Read on to unveil the obesity prevention tips for your lovely pets. 

Weight Gain: Sign of Being Healthy or Obese?

All pet parents are responsible for the health and well-being of their beloved furry members. Some people love their pets being fluffy and plumpy. Beware! These can be signs of severe obesity, and we recommend consulting veterinary experts to guide you through this issue. 

Usually, the weight gain in pets is caused by an excessive intake of food/an unbalanced diet which hasn’t been discussed with the vet, inadequate energy utilization or physical activity. Overfeeding/unbalanced diet and lack of exercise may be the prime cause of obesity in pets. 

However, diseases like hypothyroidism and insulinoma are also linked with obesity in pets in some cases. Pets with obesity may display symptoms, such as respiratory problems, sluggishness, exercise intolerance, and loss of mobility. After examining your lovely little companion, your vet can best recommend a balanced diet, including either packaged or home-cooked food. 

How to Tackle Pet Obesity?

There are several ways to prevent obesity in your pets. 

1 . The Ideal Weight 

We check our weight while maintaining an accurate body mass index (BMI). Likewise, you must also know the ideal weight of your pets to know whether or not they are gaining extra weight. You can consult the vet for the diet plan, caloric restrictions, and healthcare routine in case of any doubt. 

2 . Burning the Calories

Exercising is effective in enhancing the mental and physical health of your pets. Research studies have proved that physical and mental health are interlinked. Everyday walks do wonders to your pet’s health, but exercising must go beyond this for fat reduction. Power walking or running can help burn the fat faster among pets. Whatever the process you follow, it must ensure that the calories are used. 

3 . Vet Consultation

Weight management for pets is as important as their dietary intake. If you are new to pet parenting, then opting for DCC Telehealth Consultation can be very helpful for you. The vet professionals at DCC will guide you through the causes of your pet’s obesity. So think wisely and improve your pet’s lifestyle with DCC pet care.  

Summing Up

To conclude this write-up on a high note, we want pet owners to take proper care of their lifestyle. Give special attention to their diet and feeding schedule. You can visit DCC professionals for any guidance related to your pet’s health. DCC provides the best veterinary services in Delhi. So, what’s the hold-up? Give your furry friends the care they deserve and avail of our best-in-class services right away!

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