Nutrient Misinformation – What You Assume You Know


Kevin: So Sally, I want to welcome you to this method.

Sally: Thank you. Thank you for acquiring me.

Kevin: Why don’t we get started very quickly by explaining how you got into this specific, and then we’ll get into some of the cool stuff I want to speak about today?

Sally: Well, I read Dr . Weston Price’s book back in the early 1974s, and at that time, I was beginning with my own family. I carried out this reckless research on my own children and provided them according to those rules and proved to me personally that this is the healthy approach. I also liked to prepare food very much, so I was able to set my love of cooking food together with these principles within my book. I often confess that many people writing ebooks about nutrition and food have not spent considerable time in the kitchen and don’t do significantly cooking. I think it’s essential for people to tell families how to eat and how to cook to possess done that themselves.

Kevin: Great. Can you tell us a bit about what Weston Price coached and what you learned as a result?

Sally: Yes. Weston Selling price was a dentist who had this idea of offering the world, looking at healthy and balanced people and finding out whatever they ate. How he or she determines whether a population has been healthy as they have seen their teeth. It’s a very correct and easy way to see just what their general level of health and fitness was. He looked at their teeth, counted cavities and also looked for what he/she called “dental deformities, micron that would be crowded or not straight teeth. He found 18 population groups that acquired excellent dental health, that is, which had no cavities and every member of often the society had broad people and naturally straight teeth. This told him they would be healthy and had been appropriately formed.

He then looked at their diets. Often the diets were all unique. Some had dairy foodstuff, some had a lot of vegetables and fruits, and some up in the n . had seals, bass, and stuff. So the facts of the diet were several. But he found many underlying characteristics that were precisely the same in every diet. The key just one was the very high levels of a strategy that we refer to as fat-soluble vitamins — vitamin supplements A, D and Nited kingdom — which we get from animal fats from grass-fed animals and organ lean meats and certain types of seafood, primarily foods that wish being told we shouldn’t take in today. Dr . Price located that these were the essential food items for us to eat. So food items like liver and offspring, butter and cod liver oil, fish bodily organs and things like that. Therefore, we tend to avoid foods in this culture because of the concern with cholesterol and saturated fats.

Kevin: What is the research that you located about cholesterol? I know that you are currently very outspoken about that, and I’d love to hear the main points you came up with.

Sally: That notion that cholesterol is our enemy seemed to be very carefully inculcated into the customs by the vegetable oil industry as a way to demonize their competition, that is undoubtedly animal fats, and to demonize the saturated plant fatty acids like coconut oil.

They have just been entirely scientific. After you look at the internet sites’ studies supporting their argument, this cholesterol and saturated fats usually are wrong; you find utterly worthless trash science. It’s not an excellent scientific discipline. It doesn’t dovetail with what could be about cholesterol and how critical it is in the body. Every mobile phone in your body needs cholesterol to restore waterproof, and cholesterol is just what we make hormones beyond vitamin D in addition to bile salts. The brain is

exceptionally rich in cholesterol and cannot function without cholesterol. Ram is formed using cholesterol. The particular receptors for the “feel-good” chemical compounds like serotonin cannot perform without cholesterol. So it’s simply a crucial component of our bodies. It is extremely important for growing children since they can’t make cholesterol well, so they need it in their diet.

We know this. We know this specific from lots and lots of very good science over the past 60 yrs. But the propaganda has attempted to get people not to feel the science or not to also know about science.

Kevin: Proper. And so it’s just not enough, in your research, for your lean meats to produce the needed cholesterol?

Sally: Well, increasing children’s need for cholesterol in their diets. Mother’s whole milk is extremely rich in cholesterol and possesses an enzyme that helps the infant absorb all cholesterol. Each time a child is fed low-fat dairy or coconut milk or something like this, they’re not getting the cholesterol they need to form their minds and guts properly, both areas where you need the most cholesterol.

Adults can make cholesterol. They will not have to have it within their diet. But the thing is that these high-cholesterol food are the foods that contain these fat-soluble nutritional vitamins that are so crucial. Whenever they’re avoiding cholesterol within their diet, they will not be getting a few really important vitamins in their diet plan.

Kevin: Gotcha. What about organic dairy?

Sally: Well, we have taken some very questionable stands.

Kevin: Yeah, I like it.

Sally: Very anti-establishment stands. And one of these is our endorsement of organic milk and raw dairy products. We have been able to merge a lot of good science, displaying that raw milk is healthier, much healthier, much more comestible, and also much safer when compared with pasteurized milk. Just to present you with an example, we recently reviewed 102 studies that supposedly show that natural milk is dangerous. Many of us went through each study and showed that in virtually 95% of those studies, we were just biased, plus it was a foregone conclusion. They did not necessarily actually show that natural milk had caused the disorder. But they stated that it was possessed in the abstract of the analysis. So there’s tremendous bias and prejudice toward raw milk, reflected in the scientific materials.

Kevin: With a lot of the info that you found within those studies, was this
bacterial infections or was this promoting poor health?

Sally: Mainly, what you find in the materials when you search for organic milk is
studies stating that raw milk triggered this illness or this particular outbreak. So they’re blaming the bacteria in the organic milk. In virtually all of these, there’s either no small sample or no statistical relationship, or even there is a tremendous amount of prejudice in choosing the subjects to enable them to create a statistical relationship. And that we were able to show that in many of the studies. And we have also been able to collect with each other the science of the last four decades, which indicates that raw milk products are just a fantastic substance made up of several enzymes and ingredients and special fats along with particular proteins, unique sugars and bacteria, all of which come together synergistically to get rid of pathogens also to prime the immune system to be resistant for life to any pathogen in which we’ve come in contact with.

Kevin: So what’s happening to the milk products when it’s heated and pasteurized and
homogenized and all in which, what’s keeping the natural milk in its natural point out and what’s in it it’s not being destroyed?

Sally: Effectively, all of these components, if you view pictures of them, like a normal enzyme in milk is usually lactoferrin, and this is a remarkable looking component that has acquired all these twists and converts and exact folds, and once you passed… and by how and different electrical charges, every single little fold has a various electrical charge, and when a person pasteurize, you just mess everything up. You distort the actual molecule. You change the perspectives of the folds. You affect the electrical charges, and it cannot work anymore. And lactoferrin works by stealing iron from

pathogens and does a dual duty by helping the newborn absorb the iron. Essential people drinking raw dairy don’t get anemia, whereas if you drink pasteurized milk, a person tends to get anemia since you can’t absorb the metal. And that’s just one of the dozens of elements that are smashed and warped when you pasteurize, and I also want to stress that pasteurization is not the same as softly heating something on your range. It’s a very rapid heating system, and then the milk undergoes homogenization which is a very high force, pressing. And all of it is a kind of brutal engineering applied to nature’s most subtle food, raw milk.

Kevin: And I have a question for you. You may or may not know this; nevertheless, I’ve always wondered along with I’ve never really questioned the idea too much because we no longer eat anything pasteurized, but is flash pasteurization the same as pasteurization?

Sally: There are different ways of pasteurizing. There is undoubtedly something called the holder strategy, where they heat the idea slowly and then hold it at that temperature for about a quarter-hour to half an hour. And there is undoubtedly flash pasteurization which raises its temperature very rapidly, and they only hold it for a few moments. So it’s unclear which is a lot worse, whether there’s any edge, the nutritional advantage to one or perhaps the other, but both get rid of the enzymes, which is a test for successful pasteurization. That these enzymes aren’t there. These people test for phosphatase, imagining it’s pasteurized when it’s gone.

Kevin: Excellent.

Sally: And of course then we now have ultra-pasteurization which more and more on the dairies are going to because they’ll it for two reasons. A single because the milk has a much longer shelf life and two given that they found that pasteurization truly doesn’t get rid of all the pathogens. They’ve developed heat weight; Mother Nature has a way of adjusting to our technologies. And ultra- pasteurization takes the milk to a boiling temperature, up to 230 degrees. Now you actually can not do that in your kitchen. You may boil the milk never goes above 212. So this is an unpleasant process and completely deadens the milk; there’s only nothing left in the way of lifestyle components with ultra-pasteurization. It’s just stuff and how most organic milk products are ultra-pasteurized.

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