No Fluke, Gaming Desks Outdo Any ‘Normal’ Desk Out There

The AED70 Studio Gaming Desk proves niche market no more.


Attractions of the AED70 Studio Gaming Desk:

o   The sum of its parts boasts value well beyond its $359.99 price.

o   72” width, 24” depth, 30”-38” height indicate a large, strong, sturdy frame. Supports up to 400 pounds. The angled shape adds centralized convenience.

o   Height adjustability makes it good not only for long days at work or play but also good on your back.

o   Dual monitor shelves lend extra storage space above and below, also cast out controllable RGB lighting.

o   Ergonomic keyboard tray adjusts to your specific desires regardless of your altitude.

o   Logical storage management amenities, including cable grommets, controller stand, headset hook, socket holder, etc.

o   Materials used in production are EPA-compliant as well as compliant with other environmental regulations often ignored by other desk manufacturers


With so many different styles of desks, it isn’t easy to choose. What are you looking for? I review products in different categories, so it makes sense that eventually, I’d choose to review a gaming desk with applications outside the gaming niche. My mistake was not making this decision sooner. I concluded, as you’ll read in the ensuing review, that consumers would be well-advised to start taking gaming desks, and the luxuries provided by gaming desks, more seriously, because in many ways gaming desks offer exponentially more than your standard commercial desk normally do. Whether it’s size and quality of materials or aesthetics and gadgets, gaming desks outshine other kinds of desks in just about every category.

AED70 Studio Gaming Computer Desk

Evidence-based conclusions make the most compelling arguments. When I received the AED70 Studio Gaming Computer Desk, I didn’t immediately think about reviewing it for gaming; instead, as a general reviewer, I saw it as just another desk. But to review this gaming desk as anything less than a mixed-use device would be to miss the point entirely. There are a few gaming desks on the market that claim to be multipurpose, but this one is absolutely versatile. The AED70 Studio Gaming Desk can be used in a variety of contexts, from small businesses and startups to private studios and creative workstations. Its terrific size and sophisticated design are also a good option for large homes or small apartments. These facts alone made it worthy of review, and even more so made it worth relaying to the broader desk-seeking world.

The success of the AED70 Studio lies as much in its value for money as it does in its size and design. The luxurious scale, cold-rolled steel frame, two monitor shelves, keyboard tray, and sheer vastness of the desktop attract people passionate about gaming, technology, music, and just about any other task or hobby that requires intense concentration or mindless entertainment. Whether you’re a full-time streamer or someone who just needs to focus while writing an essay, the AED70 will meet you where you need it to, and sometimes it’ll even surprise you—I invite you, by way of example, to play around with the RGB functions (available in multiple colors and patterns emitting from below the monitor shelves) whenever your day starts to drag. Gamer or not, you’ll blink the sleep out of your eyes and appreciate the feature.

AED70 Studio Gaming Computer Desk

Numerous Features/ Applications

Designed specifically for spending long periods of time sitting and/or standing while constantly having to use a keyboard and mouse and have everything you need within arm’s reach, this gaming desk seemed to have figured out the needs of a wider community (or communities) than just the gaming community. The story of this product’s inspiration starts and ends with being able to improve people’s lives by making things more comfortable for them—hence the word “ergonomic,” I guess when you check out the company’s name. Through further research, I found that the desk has become quite popular across multiple demographics: gamers, music producers, and techy computer users alike all find themselves drawn to the functions, aesthetics, and durability of this setup.

The AED70 Studio Gaming Desk’s height adjustability addresses the needs of a wide swath of people looking for the right work desk, gaming desk, or creative station. Its height-adjustable leveling feet root it to the floor without damaging it, and built-in storage, organizational, and cable management features prevent messes from accumulating (as they often do in my case). The monitor shelves provide extra storage space underneath them, and the strong legs and spacious model allow for a full range of motion. Hold on, let me just take a sip of water—I had it sitting in my cupholder over here. Oops, spilled a little on the custom-made water-resistant mousepad. Shoot.

AED70 Studio Gaming Computer Desk

Thoughtfully designed to genuinely meet the needs of gamers, artists, and tech professionals, the AED70’s surface area provides enough space for computers, monitors, consoles, speakers, lamps, stands, books, microphone stands, and cameras setups, trinkets. You’ve got your headset holder, and your controller stands where your phone is charging. Staring down an opponent with unwavering concentration? Easy. Need to work out some kinks while keeping your eyes on the computer screen in front of you? No problem. Want to listen to your favorite music while you sculpt that new bust? Move over, Picasso. You’re basically a multitasking superhero with a gaming desk, especially this one. Things just come with greater ease.

Broad Appeal

I work in social media. I’m a creator, a gamer, a streamer, and a student. I’m a polymath. When people ask me what I do and I say that I create audio-visual content for advertising and marketing, they think: “She’s got a good gig. She works at home. She doesn’t have to deal with other people, and she gets to work on her own projects.” What they don’t realize is that you need rock-hard stability and a reliable personal “HQ” to have the mental bandwidth for that kind of lifestyle. My new gaming desk serves multiple purposes: as an office desk with a standing desk/ dinner table combo (because sometimes I’m lazy), as a ready-made workstation or gaming station, as a place to lean back and binge a show, as an improvised DJ table for those late-night music sessions (everyone needs one from time to time), as a, well, Homebase. My AED70 Studio basically has created its own orbit, and I welcome gravity.

AED70 Studio Gaming Computer Desk

The name of the table comes from the fact that designers dedicated a lot of time to make it perfect for a “studio”—whatever that means to you, regardless of your specific need or day job. For example, you won’t find a desk like this at only $359.99. The AED 70 is still a perfect gaming table and the ideal table for any type of workstation. It still works well in any environment, and it won’t let you down.

If there is one thing that I would change about the AED70 Studio Gaming Desk, it’s that it does not promote its other uses. It is a standing desk, an L-shaped desk, and an all-in-one Swiss army knife of a furniture item—these are what make it such a heroic desk, and I can’t help but think that the product marketing is lacking in this respect.

AED70 Studio Gaming Computer Desk

Outside of the AED70 Studio Gaming Desk, you see producers such as Secretlab, Autonomous, and FlexiSpot, to name a few, releasing desks comparable to non-gaming desks. While in my opinion, the AED70 Studio stands out as the gaming desk trailblazer, I do think the time has come for us to start regarding gaming desks with the same reverence—or expectation of dependability—as we do standard desks… Because at this point in time, gaming desks simply offer more.

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