NAVIGATION Review – What To Look For


The things that make an excellent GPS review?

Finding a good GPS DEVICE review on the Internet is more than challenging. The reason is this specific: GPS devices are all the same thing. They show your place on an electronic map and show you how to get to where you are most likely going. Now, by GPS DEVICE device, I mean a car GPS DEVICE device that you buy independently from your automobile and both hang from a bracket in your windshield or put beside you on the seat.

Therefore the key to a good NAVIGATION review is understanding the attributes that various GPS units offer at each price point.

So what can all GPS devices share?

All car GPS units on the market today have a touchscreen technology where you can enter information into your unit, such as your place address. All auto-calculate the road to that address, and all supply you with spoken directions as you drive to your vacation spot. In addition, virtually all GPS equipment comes pre-loaded with road directions, usually at least in the ls United States, has an internal battery pack for emergency use, and can also toggle between 2D and 3D map views. (3D gives you a slightly more sensible view of what you should always be seen in front of you. )

There are exceptions to these regulations, but almost all are in the elderly models.

Who are the industry commanders?

There are three leading suppliers of car GPS methods, Garmin, Magellan, and Mary Tom.

Garmin sells with regards to one out of two of the many car GPS systems purchased from the world. They are known for creating quality products. Magellan had been an early leader in GPS NAVIGATION systems that could route you to more than one destination. They do not possess nearly the market share which Garmin has. Tom Ben is a late arrival that is quickly catching up. Based on Tom Tom, their Global positioning system, the Tom Tom 1, is the best-selling system on the globe.

What are the main features to find in a GPS?

In this GPS UNIT review, let’s start with the cheap end and job our way up.

You may buy a GPS for less than 200 dollars. The Garmin nuvi 190 and the Tom Tom A single, 3rd Edition, currently will sell for less than $200 on Amazon online.

As you increase the price, the primary features you can add are

The tone of voice prompts that say the road name

Cheaper GPS gadgets only tell you where to change. They say something like, “Turn correct, here. ” A good function to be aware of is the GPS NAVIGATION device to say the road name of the road you must turn on. So, instead of “Turn right, here, ” a much better GPS would say, “Turn right on Highland Avenue, an inch, or “Take a still left onto the entrance for you to I-95. ” Devices using spoken street names typically start around $300.

Yet another feature to look out for is real-time traffic and weather capability.

Wouldn’t the idea be excellent if your GPS UNIT device could not only show you how to drive from Atl, Georgia, to Charlotte, Nc but could alert you to definitely bad traffic conditions with time to take a detour? Nicely, many of the more expensive units may. How does your GPS gadget know what the traffic is like up ahead? GPS gadgets with this capability tend to be tuned to a good FM or satellite radio station frequency that broadcasts these details. If your device has this particular function, then it will typically appear with a free trial subscription to this particular service. After that, it will hit you up, but the cost is very low, especially considering how valuable real-time traffic is. As well as, real-time traffic usually happens in real-time weather — an extra00.

Any Garmin Nuvi in the nuvi 350 up gets FM traffic capability. Typically the nuvi 350 runs a little less than $300 on Amazon online. If you want a Magellan that option you around hold highs, you’ll be paying $300 to be able to $350. All of the Tom Tom’s have this capability; the particular Tom Tom One, 1 / 3 Edition, one of the most affordable units on the market, is currently playing for around $200.

Do you regularly occur cell phones while driving?

I am aware I do. Carrying the cell phone in one palm and negotiating your way using heavy traffic on an active interchange is problematic. If your phone helps Bluetooth technology, you can get a GPS DEVICE receiver with that same ability and use it to make and receive calls. Your response to an incoming call by simply tapping on the touch screen. You choose an outgoing call simply by either entering the number with your GPS’s touch screen key mattress pad or by accessing statistics stored in the device — acquired from your phone when you first build your receiver. So, instead of wearing that childish Bluetooth headset and looking to be a member of the Borg Connection, you can just have your NAVIGATION device do a double job. If you make a lot of messages or calls while driving, this is undoubtedly a feature you must consider.

To what Bluetooth will run you, the Garmin nuvi fish huner 360 is their lowest priced Bluetooth wireless model. It currently stocks for slightly more than three hundred dollars. Virtually all of their upper-ending products have Bluetooth. A couple of the Magellan Maestro sequences, the 3250 and the vast screen version, the 4250, have Bluetooth. They run close to $280 and $350 correspondingly. The Tom Tom MOVE series has Bluetooth. They will run anywhere from $350 to be able to $900.

Multi-destination routing

Difficult, something I use much, yet it’s worth knowing. Multi-destination routing means it is possible to enter multiple routes inside of your GPS at one time, and it will estimate the best route that includes your entire destinations.

Garmin’s nuvi seven-hundred series does this, as well as a handful of their StreetPilot series. The vast majority of Magellan Maestro series performs this – they can be programmed to place up to 20 separate vacation spots. As for Tom Tom, the GO 510 can often hold about 15 routes. As to value, the nuvi 700s function anywhere from mid-$400s to pretty much $700. The Magellans usually are slightly less expensive, running from the mid-$200s to the mid-$300s. Often the GO 510 costs a little less than $500 on The amazon online marketplace right now. Voice asks, Bluetooth, and multi-destination running is three excellent essential features to consider.

Also, you need to remember what maps your current device comes with. And, practically as important, how many preprogrammed Points of Interest are included in its database?

Points of Interest

(POIs) are usually names, addresses, and cell phone numbers of possible destinations, something from the nearest Starbucks to be able to Yellowstone National Park. The bottom-priced units come with lower than 1 million POIs. That is not enough if you’re going to be making use of this feature. For use outside of your current regular travel routes, you aspire to achieve a few million POIs. Adjust GPS devices now incorporate this, except the lowest selling prices models, like the Garmin nuvi 200, which only features regional maps and less in comparison with 1 million POIs. (There’s nothing wrong with a smaller amount of POIs if you’re not thinking of needing them, but they guaranteed can come in handy. )

Once again feature to keep in mind is display size. The standard size is 3. 5 various inches. This is measured on the diagonal. So the screen for your nuvi 270, for instance, steps 2 . 8″ by second . 1″. The so-called widescreens measure 4. 3 ins on the diagonal. You’re getting 70% more display screens this way.

Why is screen size essential?

It has to do with ease and safety of use while traveling. I like a wide monitor, but my car is reasonably big and has a big window. The difference in price between a new consistent screen and a widescreen is approximately $80. That might be money effectively spent. On the other hand, if you travel in a smaller vehicle with a lesser amount of windshield area, the much wider screen might be more of a danger than a safety feature.

At present, at Amazon, Garmin Nuvi (their newer product line) runs from $179 for the nuvi 200 to $699 for the nuvi 770. Typically the Magellan Maestros are running from $168 for the 3100 for you to $356 for the widescreen 4250. Tom Tom’s GPS methods are currently priced from a little less than $200 for the Mary Tom One, 3rd Model, to $899 for the GET 700 (which is overpriced).

Whatever you do, don’t waste time. Even with a good GPS evaluation, with all of these confusing options, it’s tempting just to await whatever the next model will be. What you’re missing in doing that is lots less tension while driving! Imagine if you are a guy who can always (really) know where you’re heading despite what your wife or girlfriend says. And, better still, if you’re a woman, you won’t need to nag your husband or boyfriend to stop at the nearby gas station and acknowledge that they’re lost – no easy admission for a man. (I should know! )

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