National boundaries Crossing – Tips on How to Journey From Peru to the Republic of bolivia


What do You Do When You Are Broke And also the Earth Needs You?

It had been around the time of the Solstice and I had various symptoms and synchronizations that I needed to be on the island of the sun, proven to the ancient natives which still run the Island since the Birth Place of the Sun.

This particular tribe is definitely a left-behind group of old Native USA Consciousness and has Lumerian representational and methodology throughout their very own shamanic practices.

Even more so, there are actually fossilized ‘human” bones that comprise important structures in the entire. The pelvic bone of any woman is used as a maker in one of the temples. The reason that suns rays get blacklisted by this structure at distinct times of the day and portions of the year the shadows help make animal shapes on an adjusted table.

They are very complex human healing technology in addition to training grounds to select into like a socket or maybe outlet and charge on your own up with energy. Engineering is intense.

So What has been The Bone?

It was 2 days before the solstice and I had been pretty, knowing I would require the money I had once I got back and would begin doing more paying functions. I knew I would make money as I came back, I was coming out of a challenging service cycle connected with often the birth of my little princess so it was good.

That, I as well had nevertheless to find a person to watch my very own daughter for me. But I put no tension, I knew it turned out all going to come together. And yes it did…

At the last minute my mate Marisol, who runs a new massage center, got your girlfriend’s English classes canceled in addition to agreeing to watch the baby. My very own other friend Selva acquired two tickets to the Republic of bolivia and was using the woman second with her boyfriend who also at the last minute couldn’t move… so there I was, with logic saying I should end up working for money for our baby getting on a coach with less than $80 while going to Bolivia. I might put for an American the Passport to enter Bolivia is $155 so my net benefit was like 1/2th the expense of the visa. I wasn’t worried, my shamanic possibilities had gotten me through a great deal more difficult situations when The planet was calling on me.

The primary pass through the border was pretty well but for some motive the tickets got tousled. You have to travel from Cuzco to Puno and then with Puno, you get on a completely new Bus to Copacabana with Bolivia. When we got to Manojo for some reason I was put on some other bus than my friend Massa. I was like… “Okay”

And we went out to watch the dawn over the magnificent Lake Titicaca before splitting up, sure to meet up again once in Copacabana. We watched as the sunshine rose over the great area of the largest lake at the highest altitude in the world and I left Selva to Meditate on her own as our bus was scheduled to be able to leave before her own.

The particular Bus to Bolivia must have been a completely different story than the shuttle bus to Puno… I was from being the only “foreigner” to looking like I might sometimes be the only Peruvian. This made me feel a lot better about my very own chances of border crossing without problems… I dressed in apparel I thought wouldn’t stand out directly into little or two big the best way, jeans, and a black hat. I really needed to make this vacation happen.

I actually had a 3rd motive for making the vacation, my visa for Peru had expired a few weeks just before and I was thus against the law. Each day past your passport counts as a $1 UNITED STATES DOLLAR you have to pay when you keep the country. I was about twelve days over and again the total cash was regarding twenty bucks.

When I got to the Peruvian Side from the border I managed to function the situation, Shaman Style. There was clearly a clearly tourist young lady in the line a couple of men and women ahead of me. She doesn’t speak Spanish but this lady was having problems due to your ex thinking her visa ended up being 90 days… but it was actually merely 30. She therefore to be paid about $45 dollars for you to leave the country.

Since this lady wasn’t speaking and the boundary patrol officials weren’t talking any English I required advantage of the situation to not just get ahead quite a few individuals in line but also make personally look like a good Samaritan while watching border control.

The strategy worked Quite Well.

I was successful in making the agents seem like they had done a good task in getting their country dollars by explaining to the girl exactly where she had to go to shell out the $45 and what we were holding actually talking about. The whole condition, with me translating took regarding 15 minutes and after I just created myself next in line… the actual agent hardly even looked over my passport as this individual stamped it, officially putting your signature on me out of the country. The very first phase, avoiding paying the $12 of my $20 recent visa fees was effectively avoided.

We were then almost all advised to walk along the border and do what we did on the Bolivian side involving immigration… and then we would always be let back into the car. I have learned, through expertise, that the best way to break rules is to casually break the legislation in front of the lawmen as if you were doing nothing inappropriate.

So once on the Bolivian side, I followed the actual masses towards the control examination point, veered off towards the money exchange spot, sold back some money, and then linked in with the first people leaving behind the checkpoint right after getting their papers placed. I then hung out speaking with two people, sitting correctly in front of the Bolivian Military Boundary Police Headquarters. Casually discussing the Island of the sun and also the lucky people who were to be maneuvering towards there for the solstice.

Soon enough our bus had opted through customs and they started out the doors to let people back. I made another hook around the vicinity to buy a number of crackers and got back about the bus. 15 minutes later I was heading off to Copacabana.

After in Copacabana I was searching for my friend without success. I nevertheless had my $20 therefore I bought the $5 ticket to the island of the sunlight and about $5 of meals. I knew I would be generally there for two or three days and might then have to get a tour bus ticket back so I had been doing it all based on pure religious beliefs.


For the hour boat ride to the island, I managed to communicate with a group of 4 folks who were meeting the island, at last, themselves about the solstice as well as the importance of the work that must be done with it and how they can get involved if they wanted. I actually gave them enough information to enable them to rightfully be very pumped up about the timing they merely managed to be going to The Isle of the Sun. Two of these didn’t even know it absolutely was the Solstice and none of them knew it was employed by the Inca and Pre-Inca Empire for very important Solstice ceremonies.

I ended up clinging to them the first day, checking out some of the islands and carefully accepting their invitation to be able to food and drink. During this time I noticed my friend Selva on the Island and also she had gotten a cheap bedroom at a hostel with a wonderful view… well basically the total island was an amazing perspective… but this one faced often the rising sun so it felt fit for the winter solstice, the birth of the completely new sun and new year inside the birthplace of the sun.

The woman paid for her room along with the guy putting my tote in a cheaper room within hers. We then were and decided to relax for an afternoon. It was the day ahead of solstice and I knew Rankings to be up at 5 am at the latest the next day and so I was cool for relaxing.

Even as we were heading back to the particular hostel I saw the selection of four I had been talking together with on the boat. I decided to join these for dinner, hey they will invite me. Selva mentioned she was tired and also wanted to head back to the Hostel.

Diner turned into a few refreshments and about 2 hours of looking forward to the food. By the time we had finished drinking and eating and talking it was properly past midnight. In an area of such small people and tourism-based surrounding the ruins and spirituality… Anything was shut down.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to do so I headed back to the Hostel Selva was at. The place seemed to be completely black but my very own room was open in addition to my bags still at this time there. No one seemed around even though I hadn’t paid but, I needed a place to sleep. I actually immediately fell into a strong sleep.

At probably one-fourth to four in the morning, I actually woke up sharply. I had read there was a temple in the sun on the south Asian side of the island even though I had not found that the day before, which would are already smart, I went out with a determination to begin the New Open fire Ceremony for right before Dawn in this Temple. Unfortunately, I became mal informed that the Serenidad of the sun was actually for the completely another end of the Area but it made for some useful events.

I found myself all over again, jumping 6-foot ledges in the dark, climbing walls to help unknown properties trying to find everywhere I had thought I was instructed this temple was positioned. I continued for an hour or so and a half without any luck as well as the best place I found that a lot of resembled a temple was really someone’s house. As I understood Sunrise was approaching Choice to just head down outdoor and get myself on the many eastern parts of the island to accomplish the fire… as I knew previously to be done with the soaring sun.

Getting there My partner and I ended up finding an amazing cavern which ‘coincidentally’ was quite simply directly below the mountain major where the natives did at this time their fire ceremony to the climbing solstice sun. I found this kind out later when I attained with the four people who possessed listened to my wisdom included and my advice about precisely how they should do a fire formal procedure for the rising solstice sunlight.

They had gone to the hilltop where I had revealed them and linked plan a group of natives performing their own ceremony and had a great time. Because my purpose is to really destroy all old ways of doing things to make an area for new consciousness to enter our own global collective I was becoming guided to avoid all the indigenous ceremonies with all the work I had been doing. I wasn’t particularly intending it but I had been following my heart instinct and like always intuition… you understand the meaning along with the logic behind it later.

After I finished my flame ceremony I managed to climb up the mountain and turn out right in the backyard of the Hostel I stayed with. No one seemed around thus I quietly made my sleep, gathered my things along with left. I didn’t experience too bad about not paying out as I was there entirely for the purpose of direct help the Great Earth Mother.

Within the next edition, I’ll out collection how to perform works for your earth to give her back again energy that we as people have been taking for too much time and too much without the correct giving to match the user.

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