Multiplication charts: How do they prove useful?

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Commonly known as multiplication grids the respective charts are important tools of mathematics. The natural numbers from 1-10 run in the top horizontal row and similar is the sequence in the leftmost column of the grid. The pictures of the multiplication chart are available on the Cuemath site for better understanding. These grids show tables of numbers till 10 and some may even include the tables of 11 and 12.

These charts hold their effortless approach to finding the product of any two numbers instantly without any guessing work and without making any mistake. The utility of the same is observed when the children need to revise and prepare for their multiplication dodging tests. These also support the understanding of multiplicative facts as per the child’s calibre.

Usage of the respective charts

The understanding and application of the multiplier grid are easy and convenient once the child clarifies the basic concept of multiplication. This could be easily accessed by an example: Say, we need to know 5 times 8?

To get the product for 5*8 we need to search for the fifth column and eighth row and wherever the two coincides the number in that block will be the product of the same. Likewise, one can easily take help from the multiplication charts.

  • Instant access to quick solutions to mathematical problems.
  • Overcoming and avoiding silly calculation mistakes.
  • The charts help easy understanding and support the application of the same with ease.

To be noted

  • The numbers on the chart are totally whole numbers.
  • If we multiply any number with itself twice, the product is said to be the square of the same, and if it is multiplied thrice then it’s the cube of the number.
  • Multiplication follows the idea of repeated addition of the same number.
  • Multiplication of similar signs results in a positive product.

Benefits of the multiplication chart and the concept of multiplication

The calibre to calculate multiplication questions with unmatched speed is the basic concept of using the multiplication charts. These help children to build up child’s grip over the concept of multiplication. The enhanced knowledge and skills are obvious to provide the clarity of the same.

  • Various conversion concepts depend on multiplication and division concepts.
  • A master in multiplication skills sharpens the brain thus enhancing the memory of the child. The charts even make the child independent and make the recalling a fun process.
  • Understanding fractions, decimals and many other concepts depend upon the ability to recall tables instantly. The less is the waiting period the better are the solving calibre.
  • These multiplication grids/charts assist the child to be capable of strong and quick mental calculations.
  • Opens doors to familiar essential proficiency and confident attempt at multiplicative multi-digit solutions.
  • The chart makes the commutative property of multiplication clear as observing them clearly kids understand that in multiplication the sequence does not matter/ the product remains unaffected.
  • The tables related to larger number times can even be understood by the repeated addition practice.

These multiplication grids or charts are incredible tools to teach tables to small kids. The visualisation, transposition of various numbers in the same sequence makes it easy for the child to understand the correlation between two different tables and they can even make up their own tricks to understand the concept.

Cuemath app even provides math online classes regarding various concepts. The online classes are beneficial as they can be coordinated at your convenience level. These even assist in saving time and are easy to be managed in the secured environment of your household. The visualisation of the charts makes it easy for the students to understand as it is believed that visuals have a better and long-lasting effect when compared to vocal knowledge.

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