Mr Mushies Chocolate Bar


Mr. Mushies Chocolate Bar is a chocolate-containing psychedelic mushroom-containing psychoactive compound known as Psilocybin that can induce hallucinations and delusions as well as increase blood pressure and heart rate – the effects can range from mild to moderate depending on individual tolerance levels. An exceptionally fantastic fact about Mr Mushies Chocolate Bar.

This chocolate bar provides an enjoyable way to experience Psilocybin’s effects. Available online and delivered straight to your home, this treat makes exploring its possibilities easy!


Mr Mushies Chocolate Bar is an irresistibly delicious psychedelic edible that combines two of nature’s irresistible creations: premium cocoa and magic mushrooms. Mushrooms are well known for their powerful immune-boosting and antioxidant benefits, while cocoa provides many vitamins and minerals essential for the brain’s well-being. Mr. Mushies Chocolate Bar makes dosing simple; each bar is pre-infused with an exact amount of Psilocybin, making dosing simple and allowing you to customize both dosage and experience.

Mr Mushies Chocolate Bar features mushrooms grown with powerful immune-enhancing properties and conveniently broken down into smaller pieces for microdosing. Each bar contains 4 grams of shrooms and is considered safe for most users. You can enjoy eating alone or pairing it with beverages to enhance the experience; mushrooms can be powerful hallucinogens, so it is important to use them responsibly in a comfortable setting.

As much as people enjoy the idea of mixing mushrooms and chocolate together, it should be remembered that most states prohibit its legalization. Psilocybin is classified as a Schedule I drug, which means it possesses a high potential for abuse but no medicinal benefit – making it extremely difficult for companies to produce and sell psychedelic chocolate legally.

Though producers strive to verify their products with QR codes and other verification measures, retailers remain prohibited from selling these edibles. Polkadot’s Authentication System only applies to their “genuine” bars; synthetic shrooms (called “synthetic shrooms”) cannot yet be sold legally in retail outlets. Without the legalization of these edibles, it will remain difficult for anyone to accurately ascertain exactly which ingredients make up any given product.


Mr Mushies Chocolate Bars offer an irresistibly delectable combination of chocolate’s tantalizing flavors and the mind-altering properties of mushrooms in one delicious treat! Crafted using only ethically grown and sustainable mushrooms in carefully measured doses for customer safety. Crafted with organically grown cocoa beans roasted to deliver rich and delectable cocoa bean chocolate from high-quality cocoa bean suppliers, this snack is sure to please tastebuds and provides additional health benefits such as increased focus, improved mood, and enhanced creativity!

Recent trends include taking psychedelics’ microdoses to increase productivity and well-being. This practice has gone from taboo to mainstream, and tech entrepreneurs and artists are among those who take psychoactive substances in microdoses for enhancement purposes. While its benefits remain unclear, some experts have reservations about its safety.

Mushrooms are powerful hallucinogenic drugs, exerting profound effects on the brain and leading to an altered state of consciousness. Taken responsibly, mushrooms can enhance creativity and focus, help relieve anxiety and depression symptoms, and find new meaning in life and relationships, in addition to having psychotropic qualities. Furthermore, mushrooms also possess many immune-enhancing benefits.

Microdosing mushrooms is an effective way to relieve daily life’s stresses, as evidenced by Courtney Epperson. She states that it has helped her become more patient and resilient while childrearing can often be tiresome; plus, it enhances presence with children and provides a deeper appreciation of life.


Mr. Mushies Chocolate Bar offers an exquisite way to enjoy psilocybin mushrooms. Crafted with real Psilocybin and available in multiple flavors, these tasty bars suit beginners and experienced psychonauts alike. However, it should be remembered that any hallucinogen comes with potential risks; therefore, it should always be consumed safely in a supervised setting and avoided driving while under its influence.

Mr. Mushies Chocolate Bar uses carefully measured and tested fungi that ensure users enjoy an unpredictable yet controlled psychedelic experience. Users can customize their dosage based on personal preferences and tolerance levels – mushrooms have long been associated with increasing creativity, relieving anxiety, providing a sense of euphoria, spiritual awakenings, and awakening experiences.

Mr. Mushies Chocolate Bars contain high-grade cocoa and Psilocybin for optimal mushroom consumption. Furthermore, they use ethically sourced ingredients and employ an extraction process that removes contaminants while precisely measuring a dose. Thus making Mr. Mushies the safest and easiest way to consume mushrooms.

Psilocybin chocolate bars are an enjoyable treat available across Washington, DC. From museum tours and dinner parties to protesting outside the White House and protests at other national monuments – psilocybin chocolate bars can help elevate any experience and can make for the ideal present on any special occasion!


Mr Mushies chocolate bars combine the delectable tastes of chocolate with the mind-altering properties of magic mushrooms for an intoxicating combination. Easy to digest and packed with precisely measured doses of Psilocybin – known for its hallucinogenic effects such as altered perception of time and decreased inhibitions as well as increased energy – these bars can be split up for micro-dosing or enjoyed whole; available in an assortment of flavors suitable for adults as well as children.

Although mushroom chocolate bars have gained widespread appeal, some users have reported experiencing adverse side effects like nausea, fatigue, and confusion from taking too much Psilocybin – though this should not necessarily be considered harmful when taken in smaller doses. Others have even experienced visual and auditory distortions. Beginners should begin with two or three pieces as their starting point.

These bars not only deliver pleasant tastes and mood-enhancing benefits, but their accurate dosing experience surpasses traditional mushroom extracts due to the company’s extraction technology that eliminates contaminants and increases dosing accuracy.

Golde, based out of New York, offers an innovative latte blend called Shroom Shield that incorporates reishi, cacao powder, and turkey tail mushrooms to combat inflammation and reduce oxidative stress while strengthening immunity and delaying aging. Their chocolate bars come in various flavors, such as strawberry shortcake and vegan options that feature freeze-dried raspberries to provide a creamy texture for an unforgettable sensory experience.


Mr Mushies Chocolate Bar is an innovative snack featuring magical mushroom extracts from sustainable and ethical farms. It provides a convenient and discreet way to experience their mind-altering properties and support their cultivation.

This mushroom-chocolate hybrid was introduced in 2021 and quickly rose in popularity, becoming one of the best-selling psychedelic products. It provides a perfect combination of sweet tooth satisfaction and nutritional intake, made using cocoa, chocolate chips, and mushrooms – each chosen for optimal flavor while keeping all their health benefits.

Mushrooms are natural entheogens, producing psychoactive effects such as seeing, hearing, and experiencing sensations that appear genuine but aren’t. Mushrooms have long been used in religious rituals and spiritual experiences but may be difficult to consume due to their bitter taste and hallucinogenic solid properties – this is why manufacturers are turning to chocolate products to mask the flavor of mushrooms for a more enjoyable product experience.

Psilocybin in these chocolate bars is extracted directly from fungi without using any additional liquid, eliminating stomach upset and providing a more accurate dosage. Plus, each flavor of the chocolate bar features premium ingredients for maximum pleasure!

Mushroom chocolate comes in various forms and sizes, including mini, bite-size, and oversized pieces. Minibars offer the most portability, while larger bars contain higher concentrations of Psilocybin, making these bars suitable for traveling or bringing along to social events.

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