Most common seasonal jobs in Macedonia

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Many decide to go abroad when looking for a seasonal job, but seasonal jobs in Macedonia are also prevalent. Seasonal work is a great way to earn extra money and gain a new experience.

Seasonal jobs usually involve summer jobs, but this is not the only time when employers need seasonal workers. Although the most extensive offer of seasonal jobs is during the hot summer days, seasonal workers have a wide choice of job choices. Therefore, seasonal jobs offer very diverse, and several activities stand out and appear as the most sought-after seasonal jobs in Macedonia.

Seasonal jobs kariera in agriculture

Agriculture is definitely among Macedonia’s most popular and sought-after activities when it comes to seasonal work. You can easily find a job kariera in agriculture on the Pazar3 platform, where employers regularly publish job advertisements.

Seasonal jobs in agriculture are well paid, and the payment is mainly made daily. But, of course, when it comes to working in agriculture, the offer mostly depends on which branch of agriculture is the most developed in a particular area.

Seasonal work – picking fruit pazar3 rabota

The most sought-after seasonal jobs in agriculture are mostly related to fruit picking, especially apple picking, grapes picking, etc. Therefore, you will find the most offers for seasonal work for picking apples in the southwest area, where cultivation is mainly done, and in other parts of the country.

The daily wage for picking apples is 20e, so we are not surprised that this is one of the most sought-after jobs. Although it is not easy, picking apples is a great experience, a great way to spend time in nature while working, and a great income source for pazar3 rabota.

Seasonal jobs in the hospitality industry reklama5 rabota

While agricultural jobs in Macedonia are mainly located outside major cities, hospitality jobs are the most sought after among all seasonal jobs in urban areas. Every year, the most significant demand is for waiters, staff in kitchens, maids, and people who do cleaning work.

Unlike agricultural jobs, the season of searching for seasonal workers in the hospitality industry lasts much longer and more often. Seasonal workers are often the most needed in the summer, but in big cities, such as Ohrid and Skopje, they are also reklama5 rabota popular in the winter, autumn, and spring months.

Promotions – flexible, seasonal work

Unlike physical jobs, promoters and hostesses are primarily women. As a result, promotion and hosting are highly sought after seasonal jobs, and there is an ample supply of employers for them. Furthermore, given that this type of work is mainly done “by the hour” and often does not involve fixed working hours, it is an excellent choice of work for students and high school students, as well as all those who do not have enough time to work 8 hours a day.

Promotions can be organized indoors or outdoors, sometimes involving the distribution of flyers and sometimes just a conversation to promote a particular product, company, or service. The amount of the promoter’s salary is similar to other seasonal jobs and can vary depending on the job.

If you are looking for a seasonal job, employers often publish job ads on the Pazar3 portal so that you will find the current offers for a seasonal job very quickly and easily.

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