Monat Skin Care Review – REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive


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Monat is an upstart skincare company claiming to offer cutting-edge and organic solutions, as well as providing a money-back guarantee.

According to its products, they work quickly and produce lasting results over three to four months. Furthermore, there is an attractive incentive package and a unique support system.


REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive is the crown jewel of Monat’s luxurious vegan haircare line and an exceptional combination of 13+ natural plant and essential oils rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants, which work synergistically for skin and hair health. This potency offers protection from oxidative stress while adding luster and shine and visibly replenishing hair and skin with intensive repair and anti-age benefits for maximum rejuvenation.

This light, non-greasy combination of rare oils is unique because its molecular structure mimics that of human natural oils, enabling deeper absorption and moisturizing more effectively. Monat’s field researchers scoured the globe in search of exquisite oils that would balance, rejuvenate, and benefit both hair and skin; Abyssinian oil was first selected because of its incredible rejuvenating properties before being mixed with other exotic oils to form this light, non-greasy solution.

REJUVENIQE can be used as a pre-shampoo, intensive hydrating, leave-in finishing, or anti-frizz serum. It seals, coats, and smoothes the cuticle of hair to improve shine and protect from damage while helping prevent split ends, strengthening hair strands, and providing an ideal environment for new growth. Furthermore, REJUVENIQE contains antioxidants that protect from oxidative stress and encourage cellular renewal to boost overall scalp health. REJUVENIQE is an excellent product when applied pre-shampoo as an anti-aging product that repairs hair and skin against environmental influences such as sun, chlorine, or saltwater exposure!

RejuvenIQE can restore moisture that may have been lost from harsh cleansers and hand soaps or as a base under nail polish, which helps avoid chipping. You can also use REJUVENIQE as a skin moisturizer, allowing smooth and extended foundation or mascara coverage as well as reducing puffy eyes or dark circles under the eyes, soft eyebrows, reducing calluses, or softening calluses while offering up its fresh citrus fragrance for pleasant sensory stimulation.


This lightweight nourishing oil helps reduce frizz and correct split ends while providing unprecedented shine and manageability to hair. Apply it before and after shampooing as a conditioning treatment before or after swimming. Use it before color-treating nails/cuticles with warm REJUVENIQE before painting nails; use it before bedtime to hydrate hands/feet.


A gentle cleanser is designed to purge impurities without stripping skin and hair of natural oils. Made in America using Meadowfoam (an excellent source of Omega 9 fatty acids that soothe and smooth dry skin) and Moringa Oil, both boast anti-aging benefits, fighting fatigue and boosting healthier-looking skin and hair.

MONAT’s exclusive Peptide stimulates natural collagen for tighter, younger-looking skin. Our Kakadu Plum, an eco-friendly superfruit packed with one of Earth’s highest concentrations of Vitamin C, brightens and enhances dull tones for a more radiant look.

REJUVENIQE Cleanser is designed for use by all skin types. Additionally, it’s free from sulfates, parabens, and alcohol to guarantee its effectiveness.

Prep your skin before applying your favorite moisturizer with this pre-treat product! Or use it daily on the face, neck area, hands, feet, and hands and feet!

ReJUVENIQE can also be used as a body oil to soothe dry and cracked skin or rub into nails and cuticles before manicures to protect hands from further cracking after washing or applied to the bottom of feet before bedtime to hydrate them or soak feet in warm REJUVENIQE for 15 minutes daily for callus softening purposes.