Moisturizers – What Do They Actually Perform and How Do They Work?


Wherever you look there are skin care products available that will make you supposedly ten years younger in a millisecond. Yeh, right… Most of these products are usually some type of moisturizing crème plus they promise that regular utilization will make your skin look more youthful.

But sales pitch aside, what exactly is it about moisturizing crèmes that affects your skin? How do they work? Are all the moisturizing crèmes the same?

Let’s go on a basic look at the anatomy of any moisturizer.

The first thing to consider could be the base that gives the hydrating crème its overall efficiency. There are basically two types involving moisturizing bases: Oil throughout Water and Water throughout Oil preparations. – Basically, that’s the same thing, I find out you ask. No. They have pretty many effects on the skin. Precisely why? Because when the product is a good emulsion of water within the oil, the oil is much more dominant and therefore it’s best for dry skin.

Once the product is based on oil within the water, however, products are much less moisturizing and are formulated with regard to slightly oily skin.

At this stage, however, it is also important to remember that depending on the inclusion of some other ingredients such as essential natural oils and herbal extracts, the entire effect of the base cream could be modified.

The additional ingredients tend to be chosen based on their healing actions, as well as their supplement, antioxidant, essential fatty acid, as well as fragrant content that advertisements the functionality of the moisturizer in it. In other words, the formula of the actual moisturizer is targeted at a particular skin type or skin problem. Nevertheless, I’m getting ahead of myself personally.

A good quality moisturizing crème possesses two basic functions. To start with, it prevents/reduces the loss of wetness from the skin; and subsequently, it acts to protect, feed, nurture and hydrate the skin. Precisely how?

Okay, here we need to go on a very quick, simplified look at what sort of skin works.

The skin can be a living, breathing organ, that features a multitude of functions including shielding the inside of the body via our external environment. Your skin layer is almost totally waterproof and has now a protective layer referred to as acid mantel, which inhibits microbes from getting into the skin and causing problems. Because of inherent structure, only really, very small molecules can openly pass through the skin to the within the body.

Other, larger substances don’t get free passage. These people either remain on the surface of the pores and skin or they get ‘carried’ across the skin barrier. For example, a few essential oils, certain medicines, etc ., have molecules that are too big to pass through the skin, meaning they need to be carried over the skin barrier, by a ‘carrier agent’.

In a moisturizing cream, this might be achieved by including a service provider oil such as Jojoba within the formula. Once carried over the skin barrier, the essential oils or even herbal extracts can then ‘do their job’ which may be to lessen inflammation or promote blood flow, or whatever.

So, on the other hand, a well-formulated moisturizer possesses ingredients that stay on the skin’s surface and take on typically the functions of protection along with moisture loss prevention, throughout the other hand, it contains remedies that do enter through the skin barrier to act on the underlying skin area layers.

Both these functions/actions of any moisturizing crème are very significant and the ingredients play a huge role in the effectiveness of a good quality moisturizing crème. This gives me back to the beneficial actions, vitamins, antioxidants, EFA’s, etc ., that ad to the functionality and effectiveness of the moisturizer.

As you are probably informed, there are two types of lotions – 100% natural kinds and of course non-natural kinds. The difference is the type of what is used to make up the product as well as functionality.

I don’t think I must go into why we should simply consider using 100% natural skincare, as I have covered this specific topic in considerable detail through many other articles, nonetheless, it is important to reiterate, that numerous of the commercially available skin care products seen in supermarkets and department stores complete contain potentially harmful compounds and for this reason alone we’d thrive to stay away from them.

Nevertheless, moisturizers that use exclusively all-natural ingredients such as herbal extracts, necessary oils, natural carrier essential oils, shea nut spread, and others, do help to reduce loss of moisture from the body, benefit the underlying skin coatings and can have significant very worthwhile effects on the over-all wellbeing, look and feel of the skin.

It can be for these reasons that a daily natural skin care regime should always include the usage of a natural moisturizing crème.

Can we really need to use a moisturizer?

Today some people would argue that do not need to use any skin lotions at all, as our skin will be perfectly capable of moisturizing alone. After all, our skin contains virtually millions of sebaceous glands that will excrete sebum (the system’s natural moisturizer) onto the particular skin’s surface, which is enough to keep the acid mantel (protective layer) intact.

Properly, for some people, mind you very few of which, may be right and indeed they could not need to use a moisturizer, particularly when their skin is a bit on the oily side regarding normal and they are living in any moderate climate. But most individuals know that if we do not utilize a moisturizer, our skin will have the inclination to become dry, and rough including times itchy and flaky.

The problem with today’s modern-day lifestyle is that we open ourselves to heating or air-conditioning, are surrounded by impure air, engage in regular exercise which makes us sticky in addition to sweaty, and are quite simply covered from neck to help toe in clothing all the time.

Obviously, that requires a certain higher level of personal hygiene, and most folks have a shower and work with soap to wash their body’s instructions not the face maybe, even so, the rest of the body. As a result, that removes the natural acrylic that the body secretes in so doing removing the moisturizing feature of the skin.

Now for a lot of them, the removal of the ‘acid mantel’ stimulates, or rather over-stimulates, natural oils secretion and they end up with overly oily skin… not exactly the goal of the exercise, is it. Other folks end up with dry skin as the body’s sebum production is just not sufficient to rebuild the particular moisture/oil layer on the skin’s surface. In extreme situations this can lead to eczema and dermatitis, and who wants that will…

So what becomes important now is the perfect type of cleansing agent utilized – but that’s a great article. Suffice it to say that making use of most of the commercially available soaps is just not a great idea, but rather we should utilize a mild, natural cleansing realtor that is close to the skin’s normal pH (approx. 5. 5-7. 0) and use a high quality, natural, skin-type specific moisturizer to replenish the skin’s moisture and help it to be able to rebuild the protective acid solution mantel.

I hope you’ve obtained some insight into the way moisturizing creams work in addition to why they play a vital role in the maintenance in addition to the health of our skin. Keep on reading about natural skin care products.

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