MBA for the 2022 fresher: Looking at the world of opportunities

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MBA is perhaps the only postgraduate course that will open up a wide array of lucrative professional opportunities after graduation. Top MNCs require professionals who can take a balanced approach to job roles.

They must have the professional skills for the role as well as managerial skills to fit into the organizations’ structure. If you’ve just completed your undergraduate degree, then an MBA degree would be the perfect next step for you.

What to expect from an MBA

  • Becoming Industry Ready

The target of most MBA degrees today is to make you industry-ready. There is a lot of focus on how industries handle different business situations in the MBA course. You will be required to extensively study various business case studies as part of the course.

Focusing on business cases will help you understand how business operations are undertaken in real-life. It will prepare you for the roles and responsibilities of taking up a full-time job. Often, industry cases are taught by industry leaders which makes it even more effective.

  • Gaining industry exposure

The next big thing while doing an MBA would be actual industry exposure. Industry exposure is different from studying business cases as it involves the real experience of working in a business house. It can come as internships, part-time jobs, or even industry visits.

When you have industry exposure, you get the opportunity to fine-tune your experience to meet on-the-job demands. Besides, when recruiters see that you have considerable experience already, they realize immediately that they can count on you to adapt.

  • The bid for global exposure

Having global exposure is one of the most important elements of an MBA degree in 2022. We are witnessing the disappearance of borders in the operations in business operations real fast. Top companies now operate with a multi-nation-based approach and employees need to adapt.

Top MBA courses will facilitate global exposure by allowing you to study abroad for at least two semesters. Many even take students for short-term global exposure programs abroad. Both of these can significantly boost your professional profile and help you to land your dream job after graduation.

Top MBA courses to pursue in 2022

  • MBA in HR

MBA in HR is easily one of the most sought-after specializations among B-school aspirants today. Because of the sheer variety of opportunities that an MBA in HR graduate can explore, HR is always high in demand.

Doing an MBA in HR means you are ready to take up professional opportunities in a sector that is absolutely central to an organization. Your job will be to hire professionals in alignment with the organizations’ professional goals while keeping the budget in mind.

  • MBA in Marketing

Much like MBA in HR, Marketing is another core specialization in management education. Specialization in Marketing means you will work in a team responsible for taking the product to the customer. It is a highly significant role and the success of the organization depends on it.

After an MBA in Marketing, you will not have to look back even in your career. The field is diversifying fast and there are many emergent domains like digital marketing and telemarketing. Today, the field represents a world of possibilities and opportunities for aspiring B-schoolers.

  • MBA in Energy Management

The crisis in energy is real, especially with the depletion of fossil fuels and natural resources. Managing energy for different industrial purposes is of utmost importance in we want to make production sustainable in the long run.

MBA in energy management is a course that addresses this important challenge in the production process. You can do the course at NTPC School of Business in Noida. However, remember that they only accept XAT scores.


To sum up, it makes a lot of sense to revisit the old adage that an MBA degree will get you a job for certain. However, you need to remember that you have the most important elements in your degree. Otherwise, you won’t be able to derive as much value as you could have.

Go for a degree that offers sufficient industry exposure and offers a great ROI. In essence, you need to have a highly measured approach to B-school education!

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