Major PC Gamer’s Stereotypical Thinking

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PC gaming is a sort of gaming that many select as a dying breed. With unit gaming getting more and more famous, PC gaming appears to be in a decline. Many consider DESKTOP gamers to be an elitist group, who spend more time replacing their PCs than true gaming. In reality, nothing might be further from the truth. I, myself personally am a combined breed gamer, enjoying the very best of both worlds, however, I know many people who vow by either PC video gaming or console gaming. Analyze the gamer reviews here.

These types of gamers have a very radical take on modern gaming, as perform console gamers, although the two are very contrasting. After getting together with many exclusive PC players, I have prepared a list of some points which they believe about the video gaming world. Take note, that I feel not being biased towards system gamers in any way, and this is simply a fun post, glorifying some of the typical stereotypical things said, as well as thoughts by gamers who else game on their PCs

1. 1080p is So Last Generation

I bet you have noticed this before from your PERSONAL COMPUTER gaming friends. Consoles these days are still not able to produce complete 1080p games (non-upscaled) in 60 fps, and this is a feature that they deeply demand from the 8th Gen gaming systems. But PC gamers are gaming at this resolution considering that a couple of years, and find this res to be pitiful.

2. Sensitive mouse and Keyboard Gaming is usually Where it is At

Unit gamers commonly fight that is better, the PS3 remote, or the Xbox 360 controller. DESKTOP gamers say, screw both of you, Mouse and Keyboard game playing is where it’s with. The sensitive mouse indeed provides a precision that should not be matched by a controller termes conseillés. But this doesn’t mean that remotes are complete trash. Fighting games are game titles that feel like they are built exclusively for console remotes. Also, FPS games are not that bad on an Xbox controller, as PC avid gamers claim.

3. Starcraft 2 Pawns All

Throughout the decades, I have played many game titles on PCs which I look at legendary, including the likes associated with Doom, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and so on But, in modern PERSONAL COMPUTER gaming, Starcraft II characterizes. Dominates to the extent, that lots of my PC video gaming friends play no video game apart from it nowadays. Based on them, Starcraft II is actually on one side, and all other video games are on another side. To them

Starcraft II> > > God Of War 3

Starcraft II> > > Cryis 2

Starcraft II> > > Uncharted three

Starcraft II> > > Gears Of War three

It doesn’t matter what genre, Starcraft PWNS all.

4. Consoles Destroyed Modern Gaming (Ruined Crysis 2, Ruined Dragon Age group 2, Ruined Skyrim)

In this particular generation, due to decreased earnings, we saw many programmers focus their attention on console gaming, instead of Personal computers. Due to this, many games which are masterpieces on PCs noticed sequels that were made with gaming systems in mind, hence had to be nicely toned down, by consoles growing older configuration. The result was cart software, with lower than likely graphics on PCs. This kind deeply disappointed the DESKTOP gamers, and increased their very own hatred towards the consoles, along with console gamers.

5. Motions Gaming is A Fad

Many people believe that like it or not, motion game playing is the future of gaming. Typically the Wii, Microsoft Kinect, along with PlayStation Move is a sort of this. But many PC avid gamers are not willing to accept this kind and have decided to turn their very own heads away from the truth. All these PC gamers believe that motion gaming is just a fad, and definitely will die out soon. In-person, I believe, the next generation is going to offer an even more increased focus on motion gaming, and if motion game playing is a fad, then this trend is going to last for a long time.

6. Online Gaming for Games consoles is a Joke

The seventh Generation Consoles are the games consoles that saw a heavy concentration on online gaming by the programmers. Not that online video gaming wasn’t present before this particular generation, but this is the era where online gaming acquired mass appeal. PC players, on the other hand, have been gaming on the internet for a long time, and that as well in a better way. PERSONAL COMPUTER gamers have dedicated machines, as well as private servers. PERSONAL COMPUTER gamers are open to the field of custom mods. Console players, on the other hand, are spoon given.

7. 8th Gen Games consoles Will be As Powerful because Today’s Low-End PCs

PERSONAL COMPUTER gamers have the habit associated with exaggeration of the difference in specs between PCs as well as consoles. So much to the magnitude, that PC gamer which that the upcoming Xbox 720, and PS4 will have features that match today’s low-end PC. PCs may be more efficient than consoles, but proclaiming the above is a stretch.

8. Console Gamers Suck

Via all the above things, DESKTOP gamers end up believing another thing, which to put it blandly, is console gamers suck. DESKTOP gamers believe that it is the unit gamers who are ruining game playing as a whole, with their lower aesthetic standards, and the habit that they are spoon-fed by builders.

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