Major Challenges Logistics Face In 2022 And How To Overcome Them

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Challenges are present in any business sector. However, businesses that overcome them are the ones that thrive in their sectors. Hence, professionals need to know what to expect in terms of things they should be wary of in their industry every year.

Those who work in logistics are aware of the constant obstacles they must overcome. This includes rising customer expectations and saving costs. However, certain developments become trends that affect an entire industry, and the supply chain is not an exemption.

This 2022, there are various issues that the supply chain must overcome to avoid trade disruptions. The state of the supply chain affects everyone; that’s why logistics companies have to be prepared for what may come. With that in mind, here is the major challenges logistics face in 2022 and how to overcome them.

Capacity and labor shortage

Capacity shortages for container shipping are expected for 2022. This will make it extra challenging for shipping companies to deliver bulk shipments. In addition, finding shipping containers that fit bulk cargo will also be a hassle.

A labor shortage is also another challenge the supply chain faces. Drivers and key employees will be hard to find this 2022.

To help address capacity shortages, shipping companies need a reliable tool to provide them with high visibility and automation. That will make it easier to procure containers with enough capacity for their shipments. It also helps soften the blow of the labor shortage as automation will help reduce the need for key employees like procurement professionals.

Saving money due to rising costs

Rising fuel and freight costs and inflation will make it more difficult for logistics companies to save money this 2022. One solution that can help overcome this challenge lies in procurement. Improving the procurement process will help tackle the problem of rising costs.

Other than procurement, logistics companies can also cut costs through transportation. For instance, having a reliable partner like Triangle Tires in the Philippines is for logistics companies will help reduce maintenance costs. Companies should also look at the transportation cycle to see how they can optimize theirs to save money.

Logistics companies can also begin reducing transportation costs by optimizing shipping routes through data analysis. With the help of telematics and the latest software solutions, cutting transportation costs is possible.

Managing rising complex networks

Logistics professionals have to deal with managing rising complex networks in connection with the other challenges the supply chain will face this 2022. And naturally, complex networks will entail complex challenges. As a result, it will be tougher for stakeholders who seek to build resilience and agility in these complex networks.

Costs grow as the complexity of logistics networks rise, making it difficult to identify and reduce them. The solution to address rising complex network challenges is to digitalize. For instance, digital solutions for end-to-end transportation management can connect unconnected networks to form an entire ecosystem. It will be those tools for network transparency that will help restructure complex networks easier.


It may be difficult, but knowing where to start and what to do will help solve these problems. Once a solution is implemented, consistency will be key in overcoming these challenges. Consistently practicing and improving all implemented solutions will contribute to and maintain a healthy supply chain.

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