Main Characters of the Movie Goosebumps

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Halloween is right around the corner and there is nothing better than having an amazing movie to share or a Halloween Party followed by a Scary Movie Night or a Scary story session. After the pandemic, either of these can help you refresh your memories with your friends when things went a little adverse for almost everybody in the world. To bring back all the fun and happiness and the true bliss of Halloween, you can host a movie night with your friends or family and enjoy the Holiday after all the trick-or-treating.

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R.L. Stine (Jack Black)

Jack Black plays R.L.Stine as one of the two tritagonists in the movie and the adoptive father of Hannah. He played the author of the book who was a lonely kid who was forced to stay lonely, confined inside his home due to allergies and usually got picked up and bullied by kids who used to call him names and throw rocks at his home’s window. He used to write stories about ghouls, ghosts, demons and other creatures until they came to life and escaped from his books, He kept all of them trapped inside his books.

Slappy The Dummy (Jack Black)

Slappy was one of the most evil of all the demos created by R.L. Stine and was a demonic ventriloquist’s dummy. He had a serious Napoleonic complex and knew everything that was in Stine’s imagination and tormented him by entering his dreams. He comes to life when somebody reads words that say “Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano” which means “You and I are one now,”. When Slappy comes to life, he or she becomes his slave. He is one of the most popular mascots of the movie franchise and can be seen in almost every book and other media other than different characters created by R.L. Stine.

Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette)

Zach is one of the protagonists of the movie Goosebumps and moves to Madison with his mother from New York and has nothing to love for. Upon arriving at Madison, Delaware, Zach and his mother are received by their aunt who becomes very happy to see them. He meets Hannah when he was shifting boxes from the car and both of them started to like each other. Hannah’s father calls her and warns Zach to stay away from his daughter. The next day, Zach goes to his school and meets Champ and they become friends. Hannah and Zach go along pretty well and Hannah reveals a lot of secrets about her and her father and why she is homeschooled and reasons why his father is so protective of him. They fight all the monsters together and get on with their adventures in life.

Champ (Ryan Lee)

Champ is one of the best friends Zach has and is a little scared and coward in the movie. Zach and Champ are the ones who sneaked into Stine’s home and let lose the monsters held in the Goosebumps manuscripts. One of the things about Champ was that he was a hardcore Goosebumps fan which made him help Zach and Hannah because he knew all of their weaknesses. Also, when he saw Taylor in danger and getting chased by the werewolf, he overcomes his fears and wrestles the werewolf and protects her afterwards and gets a hug and a kiss from her as gratitude. They then get in a relationship moving forward.

Hannah (Odeya Rush)

Hannah is R.L.Stine’s adoptive daughter but she understands that if her father is hiding her from the world, then there is a reason behind it. She becomes friends with Zach Cooper when he moves into the neighborhood with his mother. She teams up with his father and Zach to bring back all the monsters including the Abominable Snowman, Slappy the Dummy. Zach soon finds out that she is one of Zach’s creations and not a real individual and gets sucked in the books but seen when the movie ends as R.L.Stine recreates her in another book and they can be seen kissing each other and holding hands as Stine burns Hannah’s manuscript.

Gale Cooper (Amy Ryan)

Gale is Zach’s mother who moves to Madison as she gets the job of the vice-principal at Madison High school and gets to live with her sister Lorraine Conyers. Her son gets suspicious about the screams and noise coming from their neighbor’s home which belonged to R.L.Stine and comes to know that Zach had the police come to his house because he thought that Hannah might be in trouble with her father. Gale also asked for her sister Lorraine’s help to make sure that Zach does not get himself into any kind of trouble with his neighbor or the police. When Zach tells her about the Monster Invasion she doesn’t believe him unless she sees one of the people at school gets attacked by the Giant Praying Mantis. She turns out to be a brave woman and helps in barricading the school.

The movie is one of the best adaptations of the Goosebump franchise and characters. You can watch these and many other characters as well and enjoy the best stories and characters of the movie with your friends and family on Halloween this year.


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