Looking To Invest In An Alarm System For Your Home: Here Are 7 Things To Consider

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Did you know more than 2 million homes fall victim to unprecedented robberies and burglaries every year in the U.S.? This recent study report alarmed many American residents, and they decided to install more preventive measures on their homes.


That’s why the demand for smart alarm systems has increased so much in recent years. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7% from 2021 to 2026. 


Especially during the covid 19 period, the rate of organized illicit crimes increased noticeably in the U.S., which is why many people sought shelter in the smart alarm systems. They can make your home burglar-proof and can also keep your loved ones safe even when you are away.


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Things To Consider Before Buying An Alarm System

A smart alarm system integrates wireless technology and keeps your day-to-day life more secured and safe. But, just because it incorporates all these beautiful features doesn’t mean you will buy the first alarm system that seems appealing to you. You have to consider a few things before you make an informed decision to purchase one. Let’s have a look;

1: They Are Not The Same As Home Security Systems

A smart alarm system is not the same as a home security system. For example, a smart alarm has sensors that will detect unrecognized movements on your front door and will send you real-time notifications on time. But that’s it. It will not do more than that.


On the other hand, a smart home security system allows you to monitor, customize, and manage your home security from any time, anywhere. It makes home security far more accessible and controllable. So, don’t invest in an alarm system if you think it’s the same as a smart security system. 

2: They Must Use Wireless Technology

A smart alarm system must incorporate wireless technology to make the installation easy and stress-free. However, if the alarm has hard-wired technology, it will likely spoil the outlook of your interior, and people may become suspicious of your home’s security system as a whole.


On the contrary, if your alarm system has wireless technology, you can install it anywhere without letting people know. That means you can even catch people in the act of a crime if they think nobody is watching them. Therefore, make sure you buy a smart alarm that has wireless technology. 

3: Will They Work During Power Outage?

It is the most critical question to ask the store manager before buying an alarm system for your house. If your smart alarm system operates on WiFi, it will likely fail to work during a power outage. But things have changed since they first arrived on the market.


Engineers now manufacture these alarm systems with internal battery backups to keep the alarm running for at least 24 hours, even if there is no power supply. But, you may not get the real-time notifications on your phone if that operates on your WiFi router. Hence, consider its battery backup before you decide to buy one. 

4: Size Matters

If the smart security company is telling you that there is only one size of alarm, walk out of that store right now. Different size options are available for a smart alarm system that gives you the highest possible security, depending on your home’s size.


For example, if you stay in a small cottage, and the smart alarm is so big that it catches everyone’s eyes from the moment they walk into your house, won’t that be pointless? Of course, it will. But, more importantly, if you live in a large apartment, you may need a larger alarm that will hold on to more information. So, don’t buy the notice unless you find the right size.

5: How Long Will The Installation Take?

The installation process of your alarm system will also vary depending on your type of purchase. For example, if you buy a wired alarm system, a professional will require you to drill holes in your walls and install the alarm. It is a pretty time-consuming process, which often dissuades owners from withdrawing from the process.


Instead, a wireless alarm system doesn’t require much time during the installation, and it is not even a lengthy process. That means the person who will install the alarm won’t take much charge of it because they won’t have to spend much time on the activity. So, make sure you ask the seller how long the installation will take before you buy the alarm. 

6: Flood, Freeze, And Fire Sensors

A smart alarm system will send you notifications if someone tries to break into your property. But, what else? Will it send you alerts if your family is in some other kind of danger? Well, it may, but not all the alarm systems will do that.


A smart alarm system can send you notifications if there is a fire hazard or flood hazard at your home so that you can make your family aware or immediately rush home to save them. But, these alarms will be more pricey than the conventional ones, so think carefully before you buy one. 

7: Price 

A smart home alarm system can vary significantly in price. They may cost as low as $200 or as high as $1000. However, they are not much different from conventional burglar alarms, so unless your smart alarm is so unique that it enlists your property on multiple listing sites, you should consider the product’s price.


We don’t suggest you spend a fortune behind an alarm system because technology is advancing every day, and some more advanced alarms with more advanced features will certainly launch tomorrow. So, keep your budget concise and affordable if you want to invest in an alarm system for your home.

Final Thoughts

If you want to invest in an alarm system for your home, you must consider the enlisted things we’ve mentioned here. We understand that you want to protect your home and family from intruders, but you can only make an informed decision if you consider all these factors and make a smart purchase. Therefore, take a thorough look at these factors once again before heading to the store. 

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