Looking at Non-GamStop Casinos vs UKGC Regulations

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As we see upcoming restrictions being looked at and implemented by GameStop and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), many consumers are beginning to wade into the open world and see what other options lie beyond the shores of the UKGC.

We’ll focus on how GameStop casinos function, what benefits they provide, and what limitations exist at gambling sites in the UKGC jurisdiction. We’ll also shine some light on non-GamStop casinos and what they offer as alternatives.

GamStop Platform

The Gamstop works alongside the UKGC regulations. The UKGC is the presiding government body that supervises the gaming laws in the country. GamStop collects a database of all players that have signed up for a self-exclusion to help curb their gambling activities. All casinos licensed by the UKGC must ensure that any new players opening accounts on their sites have not registered with the GamStop program.

The UKGC has also taken measures to ban credit cards as a payment method to prevent players from overspending and accumulating unforeseen debt resulting from problem gambling.

Other recent changes include platform limitations such as spin timers and restrictions on wagers—the spin timer changes to a required minimum of 2.5 seconds. In addition, the UKGC has begun floating the idea of a max limit of £100 a month for wagering purposes. This would be vastly below the current limit presently being lobbied for by the industry of £2,000 per month.

The average gambler bets between £100 and £500 per month in the UK, so this proposed change could lead to spiraling effects on the everyday consumer of the casinos.

GamStop is a restrictive tool used to assist customers with gambling problems or individuals wishing to take a break from utilizing online gambling in the UK. These restrictions will be upheld and expanded upon as the UKGC begins to regulate more, and customers who use the platforms will be upheld for the entire duration. Once Gamstop is activated, it cannot be reversed or canceled early.

Non-GamStop Casino Alternatives

The first thing that would stand out is that these Casinos reside outside of the UK and are not required to use GamStop’s database for signing up new users. The most prominent locations of these non-Gamstop Casinos would include Curacao, Malta, and Panama. These countries legalized online gambling as a draw for foreign investors that would help boost local job opportunities.

They have had their self-governing bodies in some countries predating the UKGC, such as the Malta Gaming Authority from 2001 and the Curacao Egaming since 1996.

The next benefit most consumers will notice is the ability to deposit funds via multiple different payment methods. This allows the Casinos to offer better sign-up and playing bonuses while at the same time not having the same gameplay restrictions that GamStop Casinos implement on their users daily. Additionally, customers can enjoy high bet limits on slots and utilize functions like auto-spin to help leverage the time-to-earnings ratio.

While the comparatively general nature is viewed as opposed to the GamStop families regulations, these non-GamStop platforms have built-in tools to assist individuals who find they need a break or have impulse control issues. While it is best these platforms are utilized by people in control of their impulses and emotions; each platform will have a way to pause their account for a set time. However, they are usually reversible instead of the system imposed by GamStop and the UKGC.

The Legality of Non-GamStop Casinos

Currently, there are no laws governing Non-GamStop casinos for UK citizens. Users will routinely see ads through various social media channels and search engines. There are also no current IP restrictions preventing citizens from signing up for these providers, which would leave any legal burden on the providers themselves instead of the users. Customers who see the benefits of not existing within the GamStop ecosystem should not be afraid of any legal recourse as it currently stands. Still, the non-GamStop casinos are not a solution for users facing gambling addictions and are trying to circumvent their current bans from gambling.

Is Non-GamStop Casino Worth a Try?

The beautiful nature of using a system outside of GamStop’s restrictive policies and changes does become alluring to users. There will never be a perfect site for every user, and each customer will have to decide if these more open systems meet their needs more excellent than the sites run within the GamStop family.


  • A wider variety of payment/deposit methods.
  • Typically more robust sign-up bonuses and promotions.
  • Free from restrictions on game modes such as spin timers and wager limits.
  • A more comprehensive range of sports markets that are not available in the UK
  • Wider variety of games and lobbies


  • Subject to foreign laws and policies.
  • GBP is not always available as a payment form.
  • Some UK games/providers will be unavailable.
  • Lack of third party dispute and resolution agencies like IBASS
  • Chances for abuse by users with gambling problems

The Choice GamStop or Non-GamStop

Whichever choice makes the most sense will come down to the player’s wants and demands of their platform. Does the player value freedom of choice and self-control, or is their weight more favored towards customer care and safety? GamStop and UKGC-licensed casino sites, with stricter oversight and higher security measures, will fulfill the latter.

While non-GamStop casinos and their offerings of a wider variety of options, be it payments, bonuses, or game choices, will feed the need for something new and exciting depending on the day with their vast options.

The Decision

First off, there are no laws or restrictions on having accounts on both a non-GamStop casino and a GamStop/UKGC licensed casino site. With the wider variety of payment/deposit options, the non-GamStop casinos are becoming more accessible to sign-up and take advantage of their bonuses and promotions. While these providers have had their regulatory bodies for over two decades, they tend to take the laxer hand with restrictions allowing users to impose how and what they wish to take advantage of.

However, it still allows for deposit/loss limits and site-specific exclusion bans to help promote healthy habit-breaking tools. Of course, it will be up to each user to decide which makes the most sense, but with the great options available, there is no reason not to explore the broader world of non-GamStop family casinos.

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