Learning to make Money on eBay – Lesson 1


Hello, I am glad you decided to prepare lesson 1 on how to earn money on eBay. I hope a person did so because you want the perfect scoop. And that most of all you would like to make real honest cash, if that’s the case you won’t be unhappy. Many eBay sellers create exaggerated claims that at the best will get your hopes upward only to come crashing straight down and at worst will vacant your wallet on unsound, untested ideas.

My Story

My very first deal on eBay was a buyer in 1998 I purchased an exceptional import single CD involving my favorite musical artist Tori Amos. I paid around $50 for the CD plus it arrived with a cracked handle, so much for a good start. My spouse and I continued to use eBay for you to fill out my collection early in February involving 1999 I got wind of a certain item that was “getting hot” and that was “Tor Amos – Stories” some sort of VHS that also included a bit book.

A quick internet search so I searched out obscure record shops promoting them online. So, My spouse and I placed my order intended for $14. 99, received the item and turned it about on eBay for 50 dollars. Now, this was a good start. Rapidly I bought two more and offered them for $50 as well as $35. 01, Bought 2 more and sold them with regard $31. 99 and $36, Bought two more and offered one for $15. fifty and suddenly the bottom experience fell out, I had profited $114 and had one VHS tape left over (which We still own and it’s ten years later! )

So what we now have learned in this story is the fact that items can get hot rapidly and just as quickly cool off. If the item does not have a long-established historic value (for instance diamonds) the risk of getting burned up is low, the much less history of having value (for example Beanie Babies) the larger the risk that you’ll get burnt off. So does that mean you cannot want to trade in perilous items?

Absolutely not, high-risk goods can make you rich, the higher risk the harder its value with rising quickly, the lower the risk the more the significance will remain stable. It is while you make money to capitalize on price tag fluctuations that truly is usually a core lesson in making dollars on eBay. However, when you deal in pop traditions items that are moving up in value quickly just as rapidly UNLOAD THEM… do not have one too long, and do not obtain large quantities of inventory that you cannot move quickly. How many people would you personally know that lost money upon Beanie Babies, do you notice them still at backyard sales? Guess what, someone obtained rich selling Beanie Infants and I guarantee they have minimum inventory left.

The next large game changer was the decline of Caldor an American sequence of discount department stores operating out of Norwalk, Connecticut, operating spots throughout the northeastern United States. In spite of being a popular destination for customers, Caldor faced mounting failures during its last decades in business. The chain expressed bankruptcy in 1995 without fully emerging from it, sooner or later resorting to liquidation and sealing all its stores on, May 15, 1999. And that liquidation brought deep discounts while stores closed.

Having already been a film buff I began to collect some of their bargain basement VHS films produced by a company known as Front Row Entertainment, essentially films and TV shows which are in the public domain, these are inexpensively produced videos that you right now find as DVDs in the checkout counter of shops. I the very first film “The Wasp Woman” I purchased with regard to $2. 50 and offered for $12. 50, later on, the “Lucy Show along with special guest John Wayne” sold for $15. fifty and I sold this concept over and over again. So the key now is the ability to buy as many of any good item as you can market it over and over again only hitting “relist. ” While Caldor continue to dump games I continued to buy these people up and resell these people and in my first thirty-day period profited over $500 throughout February 1999.

Now it’s not huge money but I used to be developing a NICHE and that’s the type eBay finds your market. What do you enjoy doing, what is their passion? What are you proficient at? What do you know the most regarding this? It’s very important that you have a powerful knowledge of what you are selling; possibly right from the start or you must collect and cultivate that information as you increase sales.

Nevertheless having said that you must also be careful that the item you market is going to generate a decent profit. The closer to zero that you could purchase an item and also the higher you can sell it to, even more, you’ll make. OK, consequently that’s painfully stupid suitable? But look at all the retail that violate that tip, many folks are selling items with eBay and losing all their shirts. They are just looking to blow off the inventory they’ve.

Don’t be foolish and assume you are making money you must KNOW your personal cost structures! eBay has continued to develop many times over and if you’ve endured a while you might not realize that rates have gone up. Standard stop of auction fees on 8% (1st $25 after which it is scaled down) and stuck price auctions at 12%.

There are also listing fees and also PayPal fees of 2. 9% plus 30 cents for every transaction.

Let’s look at a few examples:

The closing price is the amount the customer bid.

Cost is what an individual truly paid for the item.

Costs paid to List the product, end of auction payment, and Paypal’s cut to help for taking the credit cards

The benefit is all the fees, in addition, to cost subtracted from the things you sold the item for.

In addition to ROI is Return on Investment, the amount of you put out to how much you have back as a percentage.

Example #1
Closing Price: $ Cost: $2. 00
Report Fees: -. 55 EndFee: -. 875 Paypal Service charge: -. 59
Profit: $5. 99 ROI: 299. 25%

Example #2
Closing Value: $20 Cost: $6. 00
Listing Fees: -. 50 EndFee: -. 1 . 70 Paypal Fee: -. 88
Profit: $10. 82 RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT: 180. 33%

Example #3
Closing Price: $50 Fee: $20. 00
Listing Rates: -2. 00 EndFee: -3. 065 Paypal Fee: -1. 75
Profit: $23. twenty ROI: 115. 93%

Example #4
Closing Price: $75 Cost: $37. 50
Report Fees: -2. 00 EndFee: -3. 94 Paypal Service charge: -2. 475
Profit: $29. 099 ROI: 77. 56. 25%

Example #5
Ending Price: $100 Cost: $60
Listing Fees: -2. 00 EndFee: -4. 815 Paypal Fee: -3. 2
Income: $29. 99 ROI: 1949. 98%

Example #6
Concluding Price: $250 Cost: $175. 00
Listing Fees: -3. 00 EndFee: -10. 66 Paypal Fee: -7. fifty-five
Profit: $54. 39 RETURN: 31. 08%

You can plainly see from these illustrations the less you purchase an item the more you can make! Still, if you are too close to the series and don’t hit your selling price you’ll have your profit slice substantially or you’ll benefit.

The ROI (Return on Investment) here makes a very clear case for selling the $2 item with a targeted tariff of $10, but that’s not the complete story. Take note of the item obtained for $20 (cost) and also sold for $50 (closing price), its ROI will be 115% less than the lower selling price items but notice the income on that item is rather close to the $37. 50 (cost) & $60 (cost) and yes it only is truly beaten available by the item that is $175 (cost). Based on the above designs I would target the 20-dollar item that you can sell to get $50 as opposed to any of the additional tactics. ROI is important but consequently is Profit and Amount (number of units you could sell per month).

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