Large World Globes


Large world globes provide an accessible representation of Earth’s vastness and variety. Their cartography engages learners and promotes global awareness and empathy. Why choose the giant world globe?

Luther Replogle’s vision of an enormous globe proved prophetic as world events unfolded—such as floods in the Mississippi River Delta, Fascism’s spread throughout Europe, and Lindbergh attempting to cross it. Replogle was on target with his forecasting ability.

Aries Floor Globe

The Aries Floor Globe is an exquisite piece of world furniture that will add grandeur to your space. Boasting an ocher and burgundy layered map rich with detailed cartography, its oceans reminiscent of Greek and Roman decorations are balanced out with vibrant burgundy land masses to combine traditional elegance with contemporary sensibilities.

This large decorative world globe stands on an elegant floor stand constructed from wood and stained in an eye-catching chestnut shade. The stand features both an upper shelf and a lower base shelf for storage and display. Part of Zoffoli’s Gea Collection (Gaia in English), this extra-large floor-standing globe displays modern political maps with stylized shapes and elegant details; they depict current countries, major cities, capitals, and ocean currents.

This beautiful 24-inch large floor world globe makes an excellent addition to any living room, office, library, or dining area. Not only is it an eye-catching piece of global furniture, but its detailed cartography also allows you to explore various cultures and countries on our planet. A large floor globe like this one embodies elegance and charm – guaranteed to draw the eyes and start conversations!

Mercatore Floor Globe

Zoffoli’s Mercator Floor Globe marries Old World antique furniture style with modern world mapping technology in this extra-large terrestrial globe sphere. Available in traditional light blue or apricot hues, it contains over 1,000 names of cities, towns, countries, continents, and islands. Plus, its UV resistance makes it perfect for use indoors as decor.

The 24-inch diameter Mercator world map rests atop an elegant walnut color floor stand crafted in 17th-century style with brass color full meridian. This decorative globe model was named in honor of Gerardus Mercator, one of the leading 16th-century cartographers and globe makers.

This beautiful Mercatore floor globe makes an excellent reference piece for students and business professionals. The world map printed using UV-resistant ink ensures its colors remain vibrant over time—perfect as an educational decorative addition in any home or office!

The Mercator is equipped with an internal illumination system controlled by an inline on/off switch. When illuminated, the system creates a stunning display and makes cartographic details more straightforward to read. Furthermore, when unlit, this globe reveals many hidden cartographic features compared to similar-priced world globes. These benefits make the Mercator an outstanding value option.

Magnum Floor Globe

Magnum Floor Globe by Columbus is the world’s largest physically illuminated floor globe in production and displays all that its century of experience has taught it. A masterpiece in art, it will make a striking statement in any library, museum, corporate office, or school environment.

Columbus’ famous DUORAMA map is faithfully recreated on this giant world globe in exquisite detail. Not only does its gyrating polar axis mount makes for a beautiful sight, but it is also an invaluable educational tool! Deep blue oceans feature vivid color tones, while underwater ridges are clearly defined. Landmasses show earthy hues, while political maps with country borders display intricate relief shading with harmonious coloring schemes.

The impressive size of this world globe is amplified by its striking stainless steel base in the shape of a wishbone with a brushed finish. A full circular meridian marks its position around its gimbal-mounted sphere to help locate and explore geographical points of interest with ease.

This massive floor globe features political landmass mapping and classic antique ocean stylings with thousands of up-to-date geographic points of reference, borders & topographical features. When illuminated, its internal light shines even more cartographic information that is not visible in normal light. Furthermore, Replogle offers factory updates so that this floor globe will remain accurate over time.

Aries Table Globe

The Aries Table Globe is an eye-catching decorative world map perfect for home or office use. It features an opal glass shade atop a ribbed octagon base that blends matt and gloss surfaces. The globe comes in antique or blue shades so that you can select one that perfectly complements your decor.

Zoffoli’s Gea Collection (Gea in English) is a floor-standing piece of globe furniture that showcases an updated contemporary political world map with ochre oceans and burgundy land masses. Additionally, its hand-painted brass color and antiqued patina lend it a sense of classic sophistication that adds timeless beauty.

Aries constellation derives its name from the location where the sun first appears in the sky on each March vernal equinox when measured against our calendars. From here, the sidereal hour angle or SAH for the Aries constellation stars behind is determined.

As Earth moves around the sun, Aries shifts slightly every year, and its constellation changes accordingly. If Aries were located at one fixed “geographic” location, its rise and set times listed in navigational star tables would vary accordingly; hence, this constellation has been designated the First Point of Aries, an anchor point in space that defines a constant meridian.

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