Know the best flexible payment options for BESCOM electricity bill online payment at MobiKwik


You are in the right place to know the best flexible payment options for BESCOM electricity bill online payment at MobiKwik, one of the pioneers to start wallet facilities to pay utility bills and buy products. It has grown to be one of the largest mobile wallets and the largest fintech BNPL or buy now pay later app in India for over a decade. It now has over 101 million registered users for its over 3.5 million biller, physical retail, and e-commerce partners. Best way to build forex broker?

So, continue reading to know about MobiKwik’s flexible options for BESCOM bill payment online easily and fast. 

BESCOM Bill payment via MobiKwik

Banglore is the capital city of Karnataka and the silicon valley of India. However, the pleasant climate and other facilities lured global companies also because of being a hi-tech city. And also because of the services of BESCOM or Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd, which takes care of electricity distribution in nine districts of Karnataka. BESCOM enables electricity bill payments online and gets new connections, tracking, and providing all information instantly. MobiKwik facilitates flexible BESCOM bill payments and many others in India like TNEB, BSES, and other electricity bill payments in India. 

What are the best flexible payment options for BESCOM electricity bill online payment at MobiKwik?

The tech-savvy Karnataka people want to pay their utility and bills online, especially in Bangalore. They do not want to travel and stand in long queues to pay the electricity bills as they do not have time for it. In addition to that, MobiKwik makes it instant and safe to pay the BESCOM bill payment easily. Hence there is no fear for the Kannadigas to be without power as BESCOM distributes power seamlessly with online payments through MobiKwik. With smartphones in most of them, they can make timely electricity payments on the go through MobiKwik to avoid fines and power cuts. 

Ways to make BESCOM bill payment online with MobiKwik

The over 20 million Karnataka people can pay their BESCOM bill payment online through the MobiKwik app or site from any device with internet connectivity. Since it is the safest and instant way to pay utility and other bills, most Kannadigas want to pay quickly and easily through the following ways. 

● Open the MobiKwik app and go to the bill payment page

● Key in BESCOM and the bill amount 

● Choose the payment option

● Click on the payment tab to complete the BESCOM payment.

The many best flexible payment options for BESCOM electricity bill payment at MobiKwik include:

● Debit or Credit cards of any bank enable adding money to the MobiKwik wallet by entering their details in the app to pay the BESCOM bill payments.

● Netbanking is another convenient option for transferring money to the MobiKwik wallet and paying the bills.

● The BNPL or Buy Now Pay Later credit option offered by MobiKwik enables users to pay the bills even without money in the bank to pay within time, avoiding late payments with fines and avoiding any interest.

Benefits of BESCOM bill payment through MobiKwik

Apart from being the largest BNPL provider in India, MobiKwik offers many benefits by paying the BESCOM bill payments that include among others. 

● Zero charges for paying BESCOM electricity bills online and other utility and purchase bills from millions of retail and e-commerce merchants.

● Instant payment with no worries about safety for the millions to pay their BESCOM bills quickly and easily.

● Many deals, offers, cashback, and other benefits through SuperCash reduce the burden of paying the utility bills.

● Flexible payment options for BESCOM and other utility bills from any bank, Credit and Debit Cards, BNPL, and others.

The above facts, ways, and benefits will surely convince you to pay the BESCOM bill payments online through MobiKwik with multiple flexible and fast options. 

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