Knack Backpack Review


The Knack Backpack is a cavernous backpack that doubles as a laptop backpack. It also features a sternum strap and a water bottle pocket. The design is very versatile and has several features that make it a great choice for business travelers. We’ve tested the backpack and rated it five stars.

Knack Backpack has a cavernous main compartment

The Knack Backpack has a large main compartment, which is great for storing a variety of items, and mesh pockets to keep your belongings organized. The pockets are not three-dimensional, though, and are only useful for holding smaller items. They also do not have enough room for things like belts that roll up and buckle up. These limitations are exacerbated by the large weight of the pack. Luckily, future revisions will likely add 3D mesh pockets for additional organization.

The Knack Backpack is a good choice for those who frequently need a bag for a variety of activities. Aside from being practical, it also looks good on a business trip. In addition, the Knack Backpack features an expandable main compartment that is great for testing equipment or packing for work trips.

It doubles as a laptop backpack

The Knack Backpack is a great way to transport your laptop and other gear on the go. It features a padded 15-inch laptop compartment, as well as an inside pass-thru sleeve. The Knack Backpack is available in a range of sizes to accommodate different sizes of laptops and other gear.

The Knack Backpack is made of lightweight, yet durable, 150D Nylon fabric. It has strong stitching and overlays. The interior features a cord compartment in the base of the backpack, and a top pocket to store your sunglasses or other accessories. In addition, the front compartment opens to reveal a large carrying area with numerous pockets, including one for IDs and business cards. The bag also features RFID-blocking fabric.

It has a water bottle pocket

The Knack Backpack comes with a water bottle pocket, which is a welcome feature if you are a water bottle enthusiast. Its interior is a bold orange and white pattern, which runs throughout except for the soft glasses and mesh pockets. Its clean, modern design sets it apart from most backpacks. The water bottle pocket is located on the inside of the backpack and is accessible from both sides.

Another useful feature of the Knack Backpack is the expandable laptop compartment. You can fit your 15-inch laptop in it, and it also features a separate compartment for your laptop charger. This is useful if you are traveling for work and need to bring extra supplies with you.

It has a sternum strap

The Knack Backpack is one of the few backpacks on the market that includes a sternum strap. It is adjustable via a rail on the side and has G-hooks on each side. It has several compartments and a bright pattern on the inside. It also has several pockets and pen holders.

The Knack Backpack series 2 comes with a large padded compartment for a 15” laptop. It also has a hidden pass-through sleeve. This backpack also compresses to a small size when not loaded.

It has plenty of pockets

The Knack backpack is a great choice for everyday use and traveling. It features plenty of pockets for your necessities. It is also easy to carry around. Its interior is a striking orange/white pattern. This pattern is almost everywhere, except for the soft glasses pockets and mesh pockets. It is quite modern and different from the typical backpack interior. You won’t notice it unless you open the bag wide.

Its expandable main compartment has a bottom pocket to keep your laptop charger handy. You can also store your clothes in the expandable luggage compartment. It has enough room for three to four outfits. There are also packing cubes to help you compress your luggage while on the road. If you need more space, you can always fold the expandable section into a smaller bag.

It is priced fairly

If you’re looking for a good travel backpack that can double as a diaper bag, look no further than the Knack backpack. This multi-purpose bag is impressively engineered and designed to conceal specialized compartments. It’s also remarkably sturdy and capable of carrying a heavy load while maintaining an incredibly slim profile. Quality materials and design add up to an overall high-quality product.

The Knack backpack is available in a wide range of sizes. The medium is small, but it can be enlarged to hold more than 37 liters. It measures 21.5 inches by 14 inches and is 4.5 inches wide.