King Garden Restaurant in Washington Heights Offers an Extensive Menu


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King Garden boasts an expansive menu, welcoming atmosphere, and attentive service – try their signature crispy duck for a delectable treat!

Dim Sum

Newport restaurants offering dim sum – an increasingly popular Chinese cuisine featuring small plates of foods like steamed dumplings – include Stoneacre Garden, Castle Hill Inn, and Koi Palace. These upscale Cantonese eateries specialize in Cantonese dishes while providing traditional dining experiences, featuring delicate dim sum, fresh Canton-style seafood dishes, charred roast meats, authentic wok-fired dishes, and a wide range of wine and tea selections.

Chef’s Specials

Chef King Garden serves a wide selection of delicious Chinese cuisine dishes that showcase its complex flavors and ingredients, made with fresh, quality ingredients. Each bite promises delightful delight! There is also a selection of comforting classics such as lo mein noodles and fried rice to satisfy cravings.

The restaurant is open daily and provides diners with dine-in, takeout, and delivery options. Their convenient online ordering system makes placing orders simple; their friendly and attentive staff ensures an enjoyable dining experience.

King Garden Restaurant prides itself in creating unique and flavorful Chef’s Specials that you won’t find elsewhere, taking great pride in creating them themselves. Be sure to sample their crispy duck, expertly roasted with crisp skin and tender meat – it makes an excellent treat. Enjoy a cozy yet welcoming atmosphere that makes this a perfect spot for family dinners or intimate date night dining experiences!

Crispy Duck

King Garden Chinese Cuisine in Washington Heights provides some of the best Chinese food, including delivery! Use Grubhub to save $5 off your first order while earning points toward free meals!

Peking Duck () has been enjoyed in Beijing since the Imperial era, typically served with crispy skin and tender meat served alongside spring onion, cucumber, and sweet bean sauce in thin pancakes rolled to create light layers. Some restaurants may provide additional side dishes for this classic Chinese cuisine dish.

Buckwheat Soba or White Flour Udon Noodles stir-fried with Egg and seasonal Vegetables With Beef.

Friendly Atmosphere

King Garden offers a friendly and inviting dining experience in its attractive environment. It features an extensive menu with flavorsome dishes and warm hospitality, making it the ideal place for casual family meals or romantic dates. Their staff is accommodating, assisting customers in selecting the perfect selections from their menu – plus, delivery is also offered. Their prices are also quite affordable, making this location even more accessible.


King Garden Restaurant provides an upscale yet welcoming dining experience, with its extensive menu filled with tantalizing flavors and attentive staff. Open seven days a week, they accept reservations through Resy up to 30 days in advance; tables may be given away if guests arrive more than 15 minutes late and may incur cancellation fees should they fail to appear for their reservations. For more information, visit their website to download their menu and make a reservation using Resy.