KBH Games


KBH GAMES is a company that creates several online games. These games are designed to appeal to players of all ages. The games featured on the site include Geometry Dash, Fnaf, and Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF). In addition to the high-quality games, the company also focuses on making the gameplay more engaging and entertaining.

Rhythm Heaven in Friday Night Funkin

The Rhythm Heaven series has been adapted into a game called Friday Night Funkin. This game is similar to the earlier game, Rhythm Heaven, but with different music. It features two songs, mini-games, and a funk-inspired universe. This game was created by developer Rhythm Heaven.

Rhythm Heaven in FNF is a free online Rhythm Game. It can be played using WASD and arrow keys. You have to press the keys when the notes reach the judgment line. You can also pause the game by pressing the Enter key. The game is intended to be fun, and it will keep you entertained for a while.

TABI Ex Boyfriend

KBH Games has released a new game for Android and iOS called FNF TABI Ex Boyfriend. The storyline of the game revolves around a sweet couple. One of them is Tabi, who has been missing for a while, and the other is her ex-boyfriend. Both of them are trying to find out how they can fix their relationship.

The game is available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store. It is a story-based game with voiced dialogues and quality assets. In this game, you must perform various tasks to win the girl’s heart. For this, you will have to perform different tasks and beat your opponent’s score.

Rhythm Heaven on Friday

Rhythm Heaven in Friday Night Funkin is an exciting new Rhythm Game for the popular FNF video game franchise. The game is very playable but becomes quite challenging in the later stages. You’ll find yourself facing new opponents, and it will be an exciting challenge to beat them. Moreover, you’ll be continuing your quest for winning the heart of your girlfriend, and also win the love of her dad.

The gameplay is similar to that of the DS version, with the exception that you control the instruments with just two buttons. Despite the simplicity of the controls, the sonic quality is excellent. The game is also incredibly addictive, so be prepared to spend hours playing this game. While it’s easy to pass levels, it’s not impossible to get a perfect score.

The game’s main character is a girl called Miss, who first appeared in Rhythm Heaven Fever. She’s also seen on the title screen and in other promotional material. Despite not being playable in the game, she’s still an important character. Her stylish outfits allow her to sneak into secret tap-dancing parties, and she also receives a new dress on her birthday. Although not playable, she makes an appearance on the game’s epilogues and title screen. She also appears on the album cover for Rhythm Tengoku Gold Kokunai-ban Kaigai-ban Zen Vocal-shu.