Jumping spiders for sale – Know more details!

Jumping spiders for sale


Before talking about jumping spiders for sale, we will provide some information regarding jumping spiders in the following paragraphs. These types of spiders are known for their ability to jump to catch prey. You will come across in excess of 4,000 species of jumping spiders on the planet at present, and approximately 300 species are found in Canada and the US. These consist of zebra spiders and black jumping spiders.

Here, the question might arise in your mind whether these types of spiders bite or whether they’re poisonous. Although these spiders can bite at times, it is rare for them to do so. Moreover, these types of spider bites will not be harmful to humans at all.

What is the appearance of jumping spiders?

We often mistake jumping spiders for black widow spiders because of their compact-sized black bodies with comparatively shorter legs. Nevertheless, black jumping spiders are not the only species of these jumping spiders. It is also possible for jumping spiders to be gray, brown, or tan in color along with gray, yellow, pale white, blue, red, or green markings.

Typically, the size of the adult jumping spiders can be approximately 4 mm to 18 mm and these are usually covered in scales or thick hairs which are brightly colored. The front legs of these spiders are typically thicker as well as somewhat longer compared to the other legs.

The bodies of adult zebra spiders are gray in color along with white markings on their abdomen and front. The legs of these spiders are brown or white along with gray rings that resemble a zebra. While the female zebra spiders are usually 4.3 mm to 6.4 mm, the male zebra spiders are 4 mm to 5.5 mm.

Moreover, these types of arachnids feature as many as 8 eyes in 3 rows. There are as many as 4 eyes in the front row with a very big middle pair.

Can jumping spiders cause harm to human beings?

Here, we like to mention that jumping spiders will not cause any harm to humans. Despite being carnivorous, they will not target humans for their food items. On the other hand, these jumping spiders usually ingest other insects as well as spiders that are either equal to or smaller in size. Nevertheless, they can be harmful when they are threatened or feel cornered.

jumping spiders for sale
jumping spiders for sale

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Will the jumping spiders bite?

It is a fact that jumping spiders will not bite unless they feel threatened. They might bite only to survive.

Nevertheless, it is good to know that the bite symptoms of these spiders are usually mild. Moreover, it is possible for the bite symptoms to be asymptomatic which implies that one will not feel any sort of symptoms whatsoever. On the other hand, these bites can be similar to mosquito bites, and will not be as serious as a bee sting. On rare occasions, you might feel some discomfort in case the bite is able to penetrate the skin. It might lead to swelling, redness, and stinging.

In case a jumping spider bites you, then make sure to wash the infected region with soap and water. Following this, make use of a cold compress to suppress any swelling. In case these symptoms are still evident to you, then it will be advisable to take acetaminophen and aspirin to reduce the pain. Here, we like to mention that these types of pain-relievers are intended only for the grown-ups. In case the symptoms become aggravated, it will be better to take the help of a physician.

Is it possible for jumping spiders to bite you?

As already mentioned, jumping spiders are going to bite you only to survive; however, their bite isn’t poisonous. Therefore, one cannot consider jumping spiders to be a big danger to human beings, particularly those who are going to run away from individuals rather than attacking them. Nevertheless, these types of spiders have fangs and they are able to produce venom although the venom cannot be considered to be a medical threat.

jumping spiders for sale
jumping spiders for sale

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Where do jumping spiders reside?

It is possible for the jumping spiders to live under furniture, between books on bookshelves, in drapery folds, in cracks present in wooden floors, around window and door molding, and so forth. One can find outside retreats between leaves, under loose bark, and so forth. Indoors, you will usually find these jumping spiders hunting around doors and windows since the majority of the bugs will be attracted to these places and their vision will be the best in those areas which are lit up by the sunlight. Outdoors, you will usually find jumping spiders running under stones and boards, over tree bark, on fences, bushes, decks, and external parts of buildings, particularly sunny areas.

It is not usual for a jumping spider to infest a home since they are fond of staying outdoors where there is plenty of sunlight and vegetation, such as prairies and grassland. They usually feast on cotton leaf worms, bollworms, cotton flea hoppers, webworms, stinkbugs, leafhoppers as well as mosquitoes in these locations. At times, these spiders might be able to enter indoors by means of plants or garments that have been brought inside.

Habits of jumping spiders

Compared to the majority of spiders, jumping spiders prefer staying outdoors where there is abundant sunshine. They have the reputation of being outstanding hunters, thanks to their quick reflexes and jumping abilities. It is feasible for these spiders to make movements backward as well as sideways for short distances, and they will be able to pounce on any passing prey. It is possible for jumping spiders to jump as many as 20 times the length of their bodies in case they feel threatened. They make use of silk as a dragline while jumping which functions as a safety line.

Generally speaking, the vision of these jumping spiders happens to be the best among all the different species of spiders, and they have the ability to detect as well as react to any movement up to 45 mm in distance. Nevertheless, their vision at night is rather poor.

Instead of building saner webs, these spiders will build web retreats that happen to be saclike, loosely woven, and consisting of a number of envelopes. They make use of these retreats for hibernation, molting, laying eggs, and nighttime isolation. On most occasions, the egg sacs happen to be lens-shaped and these are suspended just like a hammock from the wall of the retreat. Mostly, a new retreat will be built by these jumping spiders for each activity – in drapery folds, below furniture, in between books, around window and door moldings, in the cracks of wooden floors, and so on. Outside, you will find jumping spiders retreating between leaves and under loose barks.

Black, zebra and other colored jumping spiders will mate in the month of May in the New England states, and they are going to lay eggs in June and July. There are as many as 15 to 25 white eggs in every single egg sac. We are of the notion that older spiderlings are going to overwinter within a retreat, and they will become adults in spring.

While it is possible to come across adult male jumping spiders from April to July, the females are usually found from the middle of May to the concluding part of October. On most occasions, you will find them around the windows and doors since most bugs will be present in those locations. Apart from this, you will also find them in sunlit regions beneath stones, over tree bark, along decks and fences, and also on bushes.

What is their diet?

Most jumping spiders prey on insects since they are carnivores. It is feasible for them to inject venom into the bodies of creatures even several times larger than their size. This venom has the ability to paralyze its prey in the long run. Here, we like to mention that certain species such as the regal jumper have the ability to consume iguanas and baby geckos. Sometimes, they might even feed on larva from an ant guarding the tree or ingest another spider as well.

What makes jumping spiders good pets?

Jumping spiders are not going to attack humans and they only feed on small bugs, and that’s all! Furthermore, they don’t need a large area to reside as well. it is not imperative for their owners to invest much time in looking after them, and it is possible for them to have a lifespan of about 3 years at the most. Many people across the globe prefer to have jumping spiders as pets since their maintenance is simple and there is no need to worry much about their diet too.

jumping spiders for sale
jumping spiders for sale

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Jumping spiders for sale

Make sure to come across a reliable vendor online that will provide you with a jumping spider for sale. Most of them have some astounding jumping spiders that are compact-sized and can be handled easily. On top of this, these pets are not that costly as well.


Individuals are known to be fond of pets such as dogs, cats, fish, and even jumping spiders over the years. In case you are fond of jumping spiders to keep them as pets, then this article should prove to be useful for you.