Juicing for Anti Aging – How It Benefits Your Health and Skin


One of the latest trends in dieting and natural health fields isn’t a trend. Though juicing has only recently become widely popular, people have practiced it for decades.

So what exactly is it? What are the advantages of juicing, and how do you properly? Let’s take this one question at a time.

What is Juicing?

Juicing is exactly what it sounds like – you drink the juice of fruits and vegetables extracted via a particular juicer. Some people choose to juice fast or cleanse, which involves drinking only juice for a set duration to kick-start a weight loss plan, cleanse the digestive tract, boost health, and rid the body of toxins and disease.

Many people like to add a glass or two of fresh juice to their daily diets. This is a great way to get your daily supply of fruits and vegetables without sitting down and eating them.

What are the Benefits of Juicing?

There’s no doubt about the health benefits of juicing, whether you choose to fast or add glass into your daily diet. 

Though fiber is good for you, your body has to extract the nutrients from whole vegetables via the digestive process. It only actually unlocks a small percentage of those nutrients.

When you extract and drink the pure juice, your body can use nearly 100 percent of all of the good nutrients, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and enzymes that the fruit or vegetable has to offer. This is one of the main reasons many people prefer juicers over blenders.

Extra Nutrients

Many people report a tremendous energy boost when juicing because your body uses about 30 percent of your daily energy just digesting food. 

When you’re juice fasting, or even just drinking a glass of juice, you’re not only absorbing the extra nutrients, but the digestion process is skipped. Your body uses the extra energy to heal and cleanse itself.

There is an interesting review on 10 Best HGH Supplements – Top Growth Hormone Booster Pills Today in Jpost.com, which mentions that the antioxidants in the juice help fight free radicals that cause diseases and wrinkles, dull skin other signs of aging. Other benefits include improved mental clarity, a feeling of lightness, and improved mood.


The average American consumes one serving of vegetables and less than one serving of fruit per day. Years of eating unhealthy, processed foods full of fat, sugar, and excess protein-coupled with living in an environment filled with toxins leave your body loaded with garbage.

The detoxification that takes place during a juice fast eliminates all of this clutter and floods your system with phytonutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, and other nutrients so that your body can function optimally and fight off illness and disease.

Fresh juices are amazing for you. Even if you don’t want to participate in an all-out cleanse, replacing one or more meals or snacks a day with pure, fresh juice is an excellent addition to your health and anti-aging routine. Even one glass per day will net you some of the same benefits as a cleanse.

Your health will be better, you’ll probably lose weight if you need to, and you’ll look and feel younger because of all of the phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that you’ll be getting.

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