Joshua Martinez Reviews Traders Agency


Joshua Martinez is the founder of the Traders Agency. He offers trading advice and tutorials through his Youtube channel and website. Among his products are a Tunnel Trading Course and Money Magnet Alerts.

Money Magnet Alerts

Aside from the fact that he made it to the top of the greasy pole, Joshua Martinez has come up with some innovative trading techniques. One of the more impressive is a proprietary trading system called Money Magnet Alerts. This is a software package that allows you to deposit your initial fund as soon as next Friday, as opposed to a couple of days later. You will be sent a series of time-sensitive alerts that are based on real-time market conditions. They also have a series of webinars that discuss the company’s strategies in more detail. These are not for the faint of heart, but if you are looking to break into the world of options trading, you will be glad you did.

While it is not the cheapest service, you can get your first deposit in as little as two days. The Traders Agency is also home to other products, like the Smart Money Alerts suite of services, which will help you make smarter and more profitable trades.

Destination Trader

Trader Agency is a YouTube channel and product marketing site that focuses on futures and forex. The site also offers a number of products and services. Its main guy is Tim Melvin.

While the Trader Agency is a decently produced channel, it’s not the best resource. However, it does offer a lot of information.

Traders Agency founder Joshua Martinez claims to have a decade of experience in the trading industry. He uses his knowledge to provide education to other people. Several of his products are designed to help you improve your trading skills. These include a course called Burst Alerts Pro and a service called Smart Money Alerts.

However, his website does not mention his family. His family is notorious for running scams. If he had been arrested and charged, the sentence would have been much more severe.

Tunnel Trading Course

It’s not uncommon for Joshua Martinez to sell his trading related products. His website has a newsletter called Beyond The Trade that’s meant to convert subscribers into paying customers. While this newsletter covers similar topics to the Yotube channel, it’s not intended to be a comprehensive review.

For the most part, the videos on his Youtube channel are educational and informative. They include information on the futures market, options, forex, and stocks. This makes it a good resource for novices. However, they don’t show a lot of wealth, which can be a concern.

The website also offers a free newsletter. You can sign up for a membership in the Insider Effect program, which includes a trade tracker, weekly updates, and useful resources. Members also have access to quarterly boot camp sessions with Josh Ross.

Weekly War Room

Joshua Martinez is the main guy at Traders Agency. He is a futures trader who offers several products.

The Traders Agency YouTube channel is a great source of information. It covers all kinds of topics, and the videos are well produced. But they are not aimed at beginners. Rather, they are geared toward advanced traders.

The weekly war room is a brain-storming session where members discuss trading ideas. The product costs $197 per year, and includes access to a private Facebook group. There is also a free newsletter available on the Traders Agency website.

Another product offered by the Traders Agency is Josh’s Top 5. This is a research service. Basically, it employs artificial intelligence to predict stock direction. You will need to sign up for a webinar before you buy this product.

Josh Martinez’s Youtube channel

Traders Agency is a Youtube channel and community that is dedicated to Futures trading. This type of trading involves buying a futures contract that is obligated to buy a commodity at a predetermined price at a certain date in the future. If the price of the commodity exceeds the price of the contract, the trader makes money. However, if the price of the commodity falls below the contract price, the trader loses money.

Traders Agency is headed by Joshua Martinez, a 10+ year veteran of the market. He has built a solid YouTube channel with a variety of videos. The videos cover various trading related topics such as market direction and ideal entry and exit opportunities.

Traders Agency offers several different products and services. They focus on futures trading and offer insights into other markets as well.