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There is a saying; “A Beautiful home is complete with a beautiful candle”. We all know the love for candles people have as they add more beauty to the moment from their aesthetic vibes and amazing fragrance. Candles are symbol of hope, love, positivity and light. When packing these delicate and beautiful candles we care more about the packing as it adds more beauty to the candles. Therefore, these candle boxes should have different and unique style so they do not lessen the worth of the candles in them. Candles can be of many shapes, kinds and different characteristics so they require different kind of boxes for their packing.  Following are some type of boxes discussed with the kind of candles to be placed in them. normally cardboard or kraft paper is used for making these candle boxes as both are considered the best options for making packaging boxes due to their specific characteristics. Kraft paper has an advantage over the normal cardboard as it is environment friendly.


candle boxes Wholesale are designed to keep the candles that are to be sold or delivered in a large quantity. These boxes are more about their quality than the display and designing as they can be used for import export too. However, they do have a good display as well that includes the company logo and the advertisement for the candles. They are made spacious enough to keep the candles well maintained in them and so that no damage is caused to them in this way. The cardboard used for making these candles is also of good quality and is tough so it maintains the shape and protects the candles inside.


Candle packaging boxes are made specifically on order for the candles designed specifically for some event like birthdays, weddings etc. and also these candles are kept in sacred places like Church etc. they have a special graphical template designed for their box that also mentions the purpose of their use. Custom candles boxes may be designed accordingly like for birthdays they may be colorful, with numbers or letters shape. Candle packaging ideas used for this type of candles may have window cutouts that display the candles and let the customers easily find the desired ones. Moreover, the display of these candles attracts the customer more easily as compared to the ones packed in box with no windows.


Cylindrical candles are quite in these days and are the modern kind of candles that are the customer’s first choice for buying. As their shape is cylindrical therefore the boxes made for their packing are also cylindrical in shape and add more attraction to the candle this way. Also, you can easily mold these boxes inti the desired circular shape and get them imprinted with any kind of design in the same pattern as the shape.


As we all love candles a lot, candles are often a favorable option for gifts. They symbolize love, hope and their fragrance soothes you. Therefore, candles are presented as gifts and these candles are made into beautiful ones designed with love and care and made for sharing that love and care too. So, the candle subscription boxes should be fancy yet elegant enough to look worth it for those beautiful candles. These boxes may be fancy or with some quotes written on them so they may make the receiver happy and feel loved. They can be of different shapes and can have an additional wrapping of ribbons on them or some stickers along with a window cutout that displays the candle in the box.


Most people are interested in keeping candles at their home for normal use as they like them for different reasons like the fragrance is one of the main reasons among those reasons. This fragrance can add a soothing effect on the person and help in relaxing and getting a good mood. The boxes designed for these candles can be made of kraft paper as they add grace to the overall look keeping it simple and make the customer attracted to them easily. Or they may be made of regular used cardboard. In both cases the boxes can have some details of the candles imprinted on them like the details about fragrance. Also, company logos etc. can be found on them too. Window cutouts may or may not be available on them depending on the choice of the company making them.

Candle boxes can be of different types depending upon the type of candles to be placed in them. They represent the candles like wisely and help the customer easily choose the direct product. However, each candle box packaging is designed with love to keep those beautiful candles in them and not let them be damaged in any way.

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