How Zoom Transcription Benefits Businesses


Using a Zoom Transcription service can be a great way to help your business. These services can save you time, improve productivity, and provide transparency, which are crucial to enhancing your reputation and accountability.

Improves SEO

Adding video transcription to your Zoom recordings can benefit your business in many ways. Not only will it make your content more accessible, but it will also boost your SEO. The search engine is a massive part of the success of any website. This is because it helps to increase the number of visitors and clicks to your site. This means more traffic, more leads, and more sales. Adding transcripts to your videos will improve SEO by letting Google crawl your content and index it in its database. This way, the content will be more discoverable for your customers and employees. In addition to that, you will have new content to share with your audience. You can emphasize important points in your recordings using Zoom’s annotation feature. For example, you can highlight the speaker or add a search bar to your videos. You can also include captioning. This will ensure that you get all vital information. Transcripts are also an excellent way to keep visitors on your website longer. They’ll click away if someone wants to watch your content but can’t hear it. But if they read the transcript, they might subscribe to your newsletter later.

Boosts Team Productivity

Boosting team productivity with Zoom transcription is a great way to improve your company’s performance. The software automates comprehensive documentation of meetings, which means you can easily share and understand the information in your preferred format. This is especially important in a remote office, where employees are often spread across several countries and departments. They must record and track customer, client, and internal team meetings. While these meetings may be productive, they can become tedious and disjointed, leading to employee disconnect. Transcripts can help you ensure that all team members understand the same messaging. They are also a great way to highlight customer sentiment and enhance sales discovery. For example, Zoom offers a free personal plan that allows you to host up to 100 participants for up to 40 minutes of meetings. The platform is easy to use and can facilitate virtual face-to-face interactions. Another option for recording sessions is to use transcription software for windows, an excellent productivity tool that automatically generates meeting transcriptions for you. The software is available as a desktop app and a Chrome extension.

Saves Time

Using Zoom transcription services is a great way to preserve information from meetings. For example, you can create a document with the forum’s details and allow people with disabilities to read the recording.

Zoom transcription is a convenient and cost-effective way to transcribe meetings. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to record spoken text. The transcript is created by splitting the audio file into multiple parts and marking them with timestamps. You can view the transcription in your web portal or use a word processing application to open the VTT files. While Zoom has its transcription service, some organizations have their meetings transcribed by a third-party service. They may also want to have their calls transcribed live, allowing the participants to discuss items while on the call. This helps them to understand the presentation more easily.

Besides preserving important information, Zoom transcription can help you with marketing materials. You can turn marketing videos into other forms of content and extend the life of your assets. You can even send transcripts to other people.

Helps Those With Disabilities

Using Zoom transcription services can be a great benefit to businesses with disabled employees. Having the option to transcribe meetings and webinars is an excellent way to help people with disabilities participate in the same meetings and webinars as others. In addition, this transcription service benefits online learners who need to access course materials.

When using online tools for remote work, accessibility is critical. Having a professional transcript helps businesses with disabled employees show their professionalism. However, if a transcript is inaccurate or contains errors, it can confuse a person with a disability. Creating and sharing accessible documents is also essential. If a business has employees who are deaf, blind, or have other types of disabilities, it’s necessary to ensure that all the materials provided are accessible. Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing tools for disabled individuals. It is easy to use with a screen reader and allows users to add captions. It also offers an automated transcription service for users who purchase Education, Enterprise, or Business licenses. This feature transcribes your meetings and webinars automatically. However, it’s important to note that automatic captioning isn’t turned on by default. This can result in auto-generated captions with below 90% accuracy, referred to as “captions” by the disability community.

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