How you can Upgrade Your Website in a Downturn


Your website is an essential part of your business marketing strategy.

Perhaps you come in a position where your website searching for a little dated and it’s in desperate need of a transformation. Additionally, you might be wondering how you can leverage the opportunities associated with social media platforms such as Tweet and Facebook to drive much more leads to your business.

The idea of an entire website redesign sounds wonderful but, in these difficult economical times, how can you find along with justify the time and finances to get the work done?

Why web design is so expensive

If your organization’s website is more than a couple of years outdated, the chances are that you outsourced your web development to a vacation agency or consultancy. A few short years ago, it would be typical for these design agencies in order to charge fees ranging from a few hundred dollars to, when it comes to a reasonably sized e-commerce website, several hundred thousand dollars.

Within bespoke websites, everything is actually crafted from the ground up. Design, colors, images, copy as well as specific business functions for example line shopping all have to be created, tested, proof-read and so on The analogy might be making a motor vehicle from a crate involving component parts (chassis, structure, body, engine, gearbox, etc). This is why bespoke websites (and motor vehicles for that matter! ) are merely so darn expensive!

Paying out to re-invent the tire?

Many websites have general characteristics in common. For example, most internet sites have a “contact us” site with perhaps a web form to capture name, email, issue, and message and then give this message to the website or business owner.

In unique websites, this feature would likely generally be created from scrape and would typically include a web page (HTML as well as JavaScript) together with some machine scripting (e. g. PHP). Developing a “contact us” web page could conceivably take 1 developer a day to create, make sure to get QA to sign away.

Consider how many bespoke “contact us” forms are there internationally and, more importantly, how many group developer days have been invested in re-creating essentially the same “contact us” functionality over and over again? This can be a great example of re-inventing the actual wheel in website design along with the chances that, if you have a unique website, YOU paid to own this wheel re-invented.

Moments have changed

Fortunately, staff has changed significantly over a previous couple of years. In recognition of the “re-inventing the wheel” challenge of website design, the substantial advance has been made by the open source area to create a cost-effective, attractive addition to highly functional business web page solutions that can be set up for a fraction of the cost including a fraction of the time in comparison to bespoke solutions.

My illustration: 2 years bespoke versus 7 days generic

As a full-time developer and webmaster, I’ll provide you with a real-life example of certainly one of my own websites to show the dramatic effect that fresh website solutions can offer.

That kicks off in august 2000, I launched the 1st version of a bespoke site in the UK broadband niche. Design and style, development and testing in this version took 4 several months. In 2005, I did a new makeover which took a few months. From 2005 to this year, I estimate that even more than 12 months of development went into additional bespoke features including broadband speed testing, study, customer review modules in addition to social media integration. In total, My partner and I estimate that design, progress, and testing account for a couple of years of full-time development effort. Increase in numbers out 24 months of improvement time and you can start to see the costs are enormous.

With April 2010, the site (last refreshed in 2005) seemed to be looking very dated and in urgent need of bringing up-to-date. After looking at all of the solutions including further bespoke progress, I decided to take the sweeping step of moving away from unique and the the modern, simple solution provided by WordPress.

Migrating the whole site to Squidoo took 8 days. Examine this to the previous site refresh (in 2005) regarding 6 months and it’s fascinating to select the power that modern, generic websites can deliver.

I am additionally a business owner and, looking from your perspective of time and fees, 8 days versus half a year is a complete no-brainer.

Important things about WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress is a well-established (est. 2003), mature, open-source podium that you can use to quickly develop, design, and deploy thoroughly operational, attractive, and efficient websites in the shortest time frame possible. A basic WordPress installment comes with advanced functionality by now built in such as:

User subscription management
Contact forms
Inbuilt website administration and information editing capability (e. r. no more uploading files having FTP or similar)
Inbuilt image editing and re-sizing
News syndication feeds (RSS and Atom)

The basic Squidoo installation can be extended by having “plugins” to deliver additional performs such as forums, e-commerce, Seo (SEO), etc. There are a large number of plugins to choose from so the odds are good that, whatever your own personal need, you will find a canned plugin to do the job.

What on earth is “Open Source”?

“Open Source” is the culmination of many a huge number of development and test time in the open source community. A lot of the developers involved with open-source jobs are full-time, professional coders who donate some of their extra time to open-source projects.

Should you be not familiar with open source projects, seen of Firefox web browser? It is really an excellent example of high-quality, open-source development.

Modern open-source software is usually professionally developed, mature along with robust. It is also generally entirely and is therefore a cost-effective approach to delivering maximum value as part of your business.

Design and appearance

A default WordPress installation includes 3 selectable designs (or “themes”). Truth be told, the arrears themes are pretty unsightly and “blog like”.

The good thing is that there are probably hundreds of thousands associated with pre-made, attractive themes online. Good quality themes happen to be created by professional web designers and they are not free but usually can be picked up for less than 100$.

Ultimately, you should easily have the ability to find a theme that usually suits your business brand. Customizing the theme to deliver your own desired branding (e. Gary the gadget guy. Logo, font, etc) is generally very straightforward and can be worn out in most cases without expensive specialized or design expertise.

Bottom line

If you have a website in eager need of updating, provide serious thought to a modern, general open-source solution such as Wp.

The days of expensive, bespoke web development are over and your business could possibly benefit from a complete makeover for just some sort of fraction of what you paid out a few years ago. Moreover, while using the advanced capabilities of Blogger, any specific business efficiency that you need (e. g. e-commerce) can be covered with the just click of a mouse using canned, readily available plugins.

As a small business owner, you’ll be focusing on value for money through your website redesign. WordPress gives value for money and is easy to use a boost and will integrate into your firms in ways that you had not in the past thought possible.

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