How to view old instagram stories ?

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View old Instagram stories! How can I see old stories on Instagram? Is it possible to see old stories on Instagram? How can I see the old stories of the user whose story has been deleted or whose story has been deleted on Instagram? In this article, we will explain to you how to view old Instagram stories.

◆ How to view old Instagram stories?

As you know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks today. Increasing the number of users with the innovations and features it brings every day, Instagram is the biggest photo-sharing platform of today.

Especially when it first met its users, Instagram was only a photo-sharing center. However, with the innovations that Instagram brings to its users with each passing day, the application has become a video, messaging, communication, and communication center rather than just a photography center.

In addition to sharing photos and stories on Instagram, users can instant message Instagram users in the section called DM. In addition, Instagram, where live broadcasting has become popular in recent days, is a complete entertainment center for users.

So, which feature of Instagram is used the most?

The most popular and frequently used feature among Instagram users is the “STORY” section, as you know. Today, Instagram users make most of their posts on Instagram in the area we call STORIES. Users can share the content and memories they want to share, in the form of photos and videos, by creating effects with emojis and texts on them.

However, as you know, these shared stories can be seen by other users (people who want to share, their followers, or everyone) 24 hours a day. Of course, if users wish; they can pin their favorites on their profiles indefinitely. However, if this process is not followed, the shared stories are deleted after 24 hours.

 Why? Because Instagram does not provide this opportunity to its users. If Instagram already provides this opportunity to its users, why should the stories be deleted within 24 hours?

As we mentioned above, Instagram does not provide this opportunity to users, but there are a few Web Sites that provide this opportunity to users in the internet world. These Web Sites allow users to view the stories of popular accounts and people on Instagram, even if they have been deleted.

In other words, these sites offer all the stories shared so far on Instagram accounts that are popular in the world and in our country (people who have high followers and are famous).

These sites, which keep all the stories shared on these popular Instagram accounts in their databases, offer these stories to the users as the user has shared before, without any change or decrease in image quality.

” As a result, it is possible to view old and deleted stories of popular users only in the world and in our country on Instagram. Unfortunately, it is impossible to see the stories of all Instagram users. So you may not be able to see deleted or old stories of any of your friends. ”

The number of registered stories included on the relevant Web page has reached 10 million. 10 million stories include stories shared on approximately 10 thousand Instagram accounts. According to the majority of searches, it is predicted that the number of users added to the database will increase over time.

So how can I see the deleted story of an Instagram user?

To see all the stories shared by a user on Instagram, even if they have been deleted (a popular user); Visit the web page we will specify below and you can view all the stories of the users whose stories have been registered by following the steps we will specify below.

1. First, log in to the relevant site via your internet browser.

SITE: ” https:// isdb. pw ” 

2- Then the web page you see in the picture below will open. On this page, type the username of the Instagram user whose stories you want to view in the relevant part.

2. We wrote the Instagram username of David Beckham, the famous former football player, and model, the user we want to see all the stories he shared here and searched by pressing the “Search” button.

3- After the search process, if the stories of the relevant user have been saved by this site, the following image will appear. From here, click on the part indicated by the arrow in the picture and go to the page of the relevant user.

3. If the stories of the user you are looking for are registered in the database of the site; After clicking on the user you have searched from the result, the stories will be listed as in the picture below. In this section, we have viewed the Instagram stories of the famous football player with the username David Beckham. In the results, we reached all the old stories of the user, which were around 1.2k, that is, around 1200.

When you click on the “Load more stories…” button that will appear on the bottom of the relevant page, the rest of the stories are loaded, but this loading process stops at one place because a simple subscription is required from you to see all the stories.

4. At the end of the page where the display of the stories stops, in the section that says ”You should log in to see full user feed…”, you will be asked to log in by clicking on the place where it says ” log in”. Click on this article and on the next page you will see “Have no account? Click on “Sign up” from where it says “Sign up”.

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