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How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – Do you know that over 40 thousand people suffer from stress and anxiety-related disorders, ranging from Societal anxiety to SAD? Will it be any wonder that seeing that stress and anxiety are on the rise due to increasing work requirements, family obligations, finances, etcetera, pressure on the road is, of course, going to increase.

More and more people have fear in some form once on the road, and this has an easy to understand the detrimental effect on their travelling experience.

How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – But how do you know while you are having an anxiety attack or some long-form of anxiety while driving? Well, quite simply, the most common symptoms of having stress and anxiety or panic attacks are virtually the same when you are on the road, since when they happen anywhere else.

They will include:

  • Dizziness
  • Feeling Weak
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Clammy palms
  • Increasing heartbeat/pounding coronary heart
  • A deep fear/terror
  • The most common fight or flight feeling.
  • Plus much more

How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – The only problem with being on the road, and also behind the steering wheel, will be, of course, you cannot merely stop. You have to keep generating! And the worse thing is, when you are not focused on the road, there can be a chance that this attack may cause you to have an accident! This specific, of course, only adds to the dread, and the anxiety attack cycle becomes strengthened.

This makes the experience all the more unbearable and can be responsible for adverse subconscious programming. My partner and i. e. you begin to have anxiety that driving a car is terrible and your health, which effortlessly severely limits any preceding enjoyment you may have had, as well as severely limits your mobility and your mobility.

How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – If you learn to cope and reduce (if not eliminate) an stress or panic attack when you are travelling, you will essentially build a phobia out of it, which will drastically limit your life experience.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be like this. You can obtain behind the wheel and begin to get pleasure from driving again, without having to fret those dreading feelings connected with terror, and fear will probably suddenly lurk up.

What is the best way to do it?

How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – There is no ‘best way’. Most people are different, and what works for many people doesn’t necessarily mean it will now work for somebody else. For me, the easiest way is what I call speedy distraction.

All this mean is you quickly distract yourself from your anxiety attack, and as a result, calm the particular anxiety down.

It’s pretty simple, and you will be surprised and how successful this tool can be!

Everything we need to do is to distract ourselves quickly, without concentrating on the route and what is ahead of us.

Now, the best way of thinking is to do a quick maths sum, which should engage a handful of your mind, but not too much in taking your concentration of the route.

How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – Quickly do a maths sum that is not too tough but requires a tiny bit connected with logical thinking. Now I am not talking about a substantial precise equation, like 432*64 (which would probably take me a long time to figure), but one thing more like 13 + thirty-three.

You know, something that is a little challenging, but not too harsh. Don’t forget, and we are driving on the streets, so we need to keep the vast majority of concentration on what we usually are doing with the steering wheel and so forth.

But suppose distraction isn’t a method for you, or you would prefer something more critical. In that case, there are other techniques you can use to significantly reduce and even eradicate the anxiety or panic attack that takes place.

I was driving in the very least congested areas.

How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – If you can (and depending on your route to a job or where you live,) try and initially avoid the roads with more traffic on them. Try to check out the minor roads where site visitors are scarce and if typically the anxiety attack is terrible, if you to slow down and stop near to the side (or curb) along with calm down.

If you are in a town/city/area where there is only one road to work with and it’s always busy, merely remember any junctions that can lead you upon a minor road/street and let down to go there. Use this being a great way to drive to an auto park/parking lot to prevent and take 5 minutes to get together your breath and unwind.

Aromatherapy/scented oils.

How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – Aromatherapeutic natural skin oils like Chamomile, Vanilla, or maybe Lavender can be used in the car to assist in soothe your nerves if you intend somewhere that you know will be incredibly stressful. Place some oil falls onto the tissue near your airflow vents, which will help distribute the scent around the vehicle.

Relaxing/Naturistic sounds

You can try actively playing some excellent relaxing songs or naturistic/meditation sounds within your car, either via a COMPACT DISC or an MP3 player linked to your car stereos. This should enable you to relax and lower your nerves while keeping the mind concentrating on the road ahead of a person.

How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – Of course, any meditational-type songs that quickly put a person into a trance/altered state associated with consciousness should NOT be used once we are trying to keep our complete concentration here (and not doze off, causing an accident! ).


Of course, you can test some visualizing to help you experience more relaxed being in a car (if being in a vehicle stresses anyone out). When you have 5-15 short minutes to spare at home, merely sit down on a chair, shut your eyes and see yourself behind the wheel in a situation that you understand will cause you to have a panic disorder or panic attack.

How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – Try to see yourself driving with tiny/no nerves and typically enjoy the challenges that come your way. This certainly will help re-programme your depths of the mind into making your next operating trip more pleasant expertise and help you reduce along with eliminating your long-term nervousness problems.

Mindfulness Meditation.

You can try a quick minor mindfulness meditation for anyone who is on the road, and your nerves intend haywire. Put, this can be the ability to near to the present time as possible, and also helps to re-programme your subconscious in the process.

How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – Merely watch your breathing (ideally done when you are waiting with the traffic lights but can be carried out anywhere) and (similar towards the distraction technique) feel the breathing of air going in and out of your lungs. Again, the secret is not to be too sidetracked by this but distracted sufficiently to reduce the panic attack significantly.


This can be an excellent tool for reducing long-term anxiety, and it has worked for thousands of people globally. Simply put, EFT is about going the meridian points in its appearance and chest while saying affirmations. When you have five a few minutes at home, sit down and near your eyes.

How To Stop Anxiety While Driving – Try to think about a time you were really within the middle of a big panic attack while driving, and when you can feel enough of the dread (don’t get too caught up with the fearful feelings, involving course), start doing ELEKTRONIK FON AKTAR?M?.

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